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Although green is its emblematic color, Ireland’s verdant fields are not the nation’s only extraordinary natural features. Sculpted millions of years ago by the advance and retreat of vast shields of ice, the Emerald Isle harbors a wealth of wildlife among its craggy mountains, fog-shrouded coastlines, steep gorges, and vast networks of inland waterways. Buy the DVD. This film premiered March 28, 2004.

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    I visited Ireland in 1994. It is nice to see a show featuring the beauty of this unique place that the whole family can watch. Thank you.

  • neil

    Excellent video about ireland.I discovered alot of new information.Thank.s

  • Juanma Albela

    Hi! I´m writing to you from Spain just to point out that the horse race mentioned at the beginning of your great documentary about Ireland is quite similar to the one held here in Spain, in Sanlucar de Barrameda, in Andalusia. It is run in the mouth of the river Guadalquivir, in a fluvial beach very close to the Athlantic Sea. cheers

  • Nouraddine

    to tell you the truth frankly Ireland is really so lovely and it’s worth to visit it to enjoy every sight as it is.

  • Nouraddine

    If only I could visit it as soon as I can.123

  • briantravelman

    Ya! Deffinately one of the best! I just wish it showed more animals and not show a huge chunk in the middle with people and no animals, cause it made it look kind of weird! Seffinately one of the best though, probably my 4th favorite! I only seen it twice, both times on the computer, never on TV!

  • Adenrele

    Excellent video about Ireland. It makes you wonder about the majestick and never ending beauty of nature. Please do similar one about “Gorongoro Plain” of East Africa.

  • Barbara Melstad

    This is my first time viewing your web presentation – it is magical and so informative. I will definitely look for more such episodes. Thank you.

  • Sarai

    Could you make Closed-Captioning available for your web shows? I would appreciate it!! I have always enjoyed Nature. Thank you for a great series!

  • Ben

    Very well-presented video and commentary of a mixture of Ireland’s history, geography, biology, agriculture, economy, and archaeology. I enjoyed how the show included all of these themes with a very informative overview at the various locations around the country!

  • Will

    I just want to say that I learned a good deal of my past heritage by watching this segment of Ireland. Thank you so much for the program, excellent !

  • Jolene

    I’ve been as fortunate to have a few visits to Ireland (6 weeks and again 2 weeks) none of which my heart and soul woill ever forget. The land and the people and th reminents from earlier generations of a much simpler time, are all throughout Ireland. Beauty is everywhere there from the time you see the iland from a distance on the plane, to the drive along the windy roads. The people and the ambiance that could NEVER be duplicated by anyone and everyone who tries…Ireland is a special one of a kind place that filled all my childhood dreams of such a magestic and enchanted isle…Thanks PBS, for another wonderful trip!
    Cheers to the you and the people who live and thrive there.

  • adrian

    thanks that was quite something now i am very homesick

  • Noans

    Beautiful and informative. Makes me want to buy a ticket to Ireland right now. What a wonderful piece. I love the way you incorporated so much history into this program. Ireland looks so peaceful with its clean air and beautiful open spaces. Well done.

  • Franny60

    I traveled to Ireland in 1997, and it was the best trip I ever took. The people were friendly, and the Island beautiful. I’ve never seen so many rainbows. Stay away from the hotels, and stay in the Bed, and Breakfast with a true Irish family. That’s the only way to go. The Rings Of Kerry was my favorite area to visit. I just wish I couold live there instead of here. The Country is so laid back, and care free, and folks really care about each other. I love Ireland, and its People. Can’t wait to return someday soon.

  • Tammy

    Me and my husband are planning a trip here in 2012. I would like to see the horse race by the sea. When is the race, so we can plan out trip around that time. Can’t wait to see Ireland!

  • Julie Britton

    ON HERE.

  • Ashlyn C.

    My fam and I went to Ireland in 2008 and loved it. We wanted to move there too. The people were so nice! Thanks
    for this episode!

  • Nikki

    This is the best place

  • Linda

    After studying the inland wars, bombings and such, I thought that sort of thing went on throughout the isle. How delighted and heartened I am to know that such communities still exist; hearty greyhairs happily living lives of usefullness and the beat goes on. My Great Great Grandfather came from the Isle of Man. Indeed.

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