Is That Skunk?
Did you watch "Is That Skunk?" Tell us what you think!

A skunk raises a warning flag.
Photo by Jerry Dragoo

Is That Skunk? premiered last night on NATURE. If you missed it, you can watch the program online. If you saw it, we want to know what you think!

What was your favorite part?

Did you discover anything unexpected about skunks?

Did what you saw change your attitudes toward these animals?

Anything you didn’t like?

Let us know in the comments form below.

  • Tracy

    I loved the episode! I love skunks. They are so cute. I wish teh show had a bit more info about them though. Such as how long it takes to regenerate their musk, how much they eat per day etc.

  • Judy Nimnicht

    It was very interesting as well as informative and I hope the program will be repeated during the current season.

  • Terry

    We watched last night and appreciate that there are informed people willing to learn about nature little gifts. We Cree Indians have been using skunk for centuries for medicine. I’ll have some this morning for my cough and by this evening, all flu symptoms will be gone. I mix skunk juice with little water to dilute/weaken the potion and voila, nature at its best, honest. I’ll burp a couple of stinky ones for a few hours, but like Buckley’s, its nasty but it works!!! I got more remedies….

  • Bonnie Collins

    I really enjoyed seeing the skunks doing what skunks do and the information that was given about them.The documentary was very interesting and I hope to see more of the little striped animal in the future on Nature. Bonnie Collins

  • Pattie Lenson

    Your program on skunks was very interesting. We live in the country in southern Ontario so have had some experience with skunks, particularly with our dogs coming into contact with them. I tried to grab a pen quickly to copy the recipe to rid my dogs of their offensive odour, but unfortunately missed it. Could you please send it to me via e-mail if possible. I have always used the old traditional method of tomato juice, but it still takes time to eliminate it completely.
    I had no idea that skunks have different markings, I thought they all were the same as the ones in our area. As a matter of fact, the spotted skunk is very attractive to the eye.
    We always watch the Nature programs, and to cover a rather unusal subject was very educating. I will now look at a skunk as just not a pest, but as an animal put on the earth with a purpose and a very powerful defense. Keep up your good work.
    Pattie & Robert Lenson

  • elizabeth alexandria

    Thank you for another excellent, informative program about adorable and amazing animals. Skunks are, in a word, great-I liked skunks to begin with, I thought they got a bad rap, but now I like them even more. My favorite parts of the program included a swimming (dog-paddling) skunk and 4 young skunks being bottle-fed by a great man…I was happy to learn about the woman in Ohio taking great care of skunks in need and educating people. My least favorite part was seeing people in a small California town (with a high pop of skunks) complain to police and talk about how skunks could negatively affect their lives, at that point, I had to change the channel.

  • Grace Walker

    I too love skunks I think they are beautiful. I found the segments about the man in New Mexico who rehabilitates skunks to be wonderful.

  • Bernard Sargent

    I think you presented skunks in an honest manner. They are great pets that really try to avoid humans while in the wild. Great job!

  • Ida Smith

    We let our 8-year-old daughter stay up to watch this last night, and we’re so glad we did! She has a soft spot for skunks and she just soaked it up. What a great show! We’ll be replaying it for her and the 6-year-old soon.

  • Carol Thompson

    YES! I loved it! My husband recently passed away and strangely…this brought back very fond memories! When we were dating (39 years ago), we discovered his father had a stuffed skunk that I was fascinated with. For years afterwards…our nicknames for each other were Big Stinky and Little Stinky. We even thought about getting a pet skunk and having it de-skunked! But, never did. This went on for about 15 years or so. Looking for signs that he is trying to communiate with me…I was quite taken back that this show was on. Regardless…I was very amazed to find out so much about skunks!!! I only thought there was one kind and had no idea there is someone who actually has them for adoption!!!

  • dianne

    I’m all for helping out the skunks, but was very concerned when I heard that the townspeople were going to stop feeding the feral cats. What happens to them? Starvation?

  • Shelley

    Excellent program!!! Would of liked to see more of Debbie’s operation in Ohio, but that’s because I was a participating audience member in her public class and know how big hearted she is when it comes to her skunks.
    I would like to see more!!! I would like to make a suggestion to come back during the skunk feastival and get more information about the owners and their skunks.
    I always wondered if feeding our cats outside was feeding anything else; We already knew about the possum because we saw him, but skunks must be visiting too.
    The formula for getting rid of skunk odor was on Myth Busters. I can’t remember how it faired, but I think it got high markings. We tried it when our cat got skunked. It worked to some extent and we had to do it more than once but he was a repeat offender.
    Thanks for a great show!

  • Rita Knisely

    I always watch pbs programs and enjoyed the one on skunks. It was very educational and interesting. When I was a little girl, our neighbor had the stink glands removed from a litter of baby skunks. From that day, I was interested in skunks and often wondered about their habits and life. I loved the part where the man fed the babies with a dropper…so cute. Thank goodness for people like him to help these beautiful innocent creatures. I’m guilty of putting out veggie scraps for skunks or groundhogs. I think we have a family of both living under our small shed in our back yard. Thank you.


    I have had skunks as pets for almost 20 years (2 girls and now have 2 boys) They are wonderful animals and all 4 have different and distinct personalities. They do require attention and special diets (fresh veggies and fruits) but they are worth it. The program was informative and just when you though you have a subject down pat a show like this comes along and teaches you a bunch of new stuff.

  • Jim Boakes

    My father’s college roommate had several skunks (de-sented) as pets at his home on Ky; and didn’t seem to have any problems with them. My father had visited with the family and said they were warm like cats, but needed the care and attention of dogs. However my parents wouldn’t like me have a pet skunk, so I had a dog. c’est la vive

  • Karen Keim

    It was so exciting to know there are so many folks out there with pet skunks. We had one that had to be bottlefed back in the 1970’s. He only lived about 3 years. I was totaly devastated when he died. Although this is a unique pet they are not for everyone. But, if given the chance I would definitely have another skunk as a pet. I wish I had the facilities to be a rescuer.

  • Cody & Arnold Hildebrand ( Wild Brother Animal Behavior Study)

    Hi. We loved every minute of the show ( Is That Skunk?) We fell in love with the babies, marveled at how good skunks can swim, and learned a few things that we did not know. Hey! Were ready for the next program on skunks. Perhaps thier history into becoming domesticated. Few people know that back in the 1940,s you could purchase a Domestic raised skunk through the ( Sears & Roebuck) catolog. Also our American Skunks are sold to Japan, Italy, Germany, Holland, Great Britan and others. SKUNKS! Truely ( Americas Pet)

  • Sandy McBride

    I loved the show my daughter, son in law and grandson were in it. It would have been a lot better if we would have been able to hear the first half hour. The feed was bad people were talking but no voices were coming out, just animal sounds, munching and crunching. I know it was supposed to be an educational movie but I couldn’t read lips to get educated. I hope when it’s on again the 27th at 2AM that I get to hear it all. PLEASE
    I had the best Grandskunk in the world, he died the day the baby in the movie was born and the baby has an extra middle name in honor of his brother the skunk. I used to baby sit their skunk and although he slept most of the day he would come out at night for a snack and get up in my lap at the computer for a little while for a little affection then he’d go back to bed. (my fingers are crossed for tonight.)

  • Laura

    Thank you so much for this program! I really knew nothing about skunks prior to this show and it was just so informative. I was really amazed to learn so many fascinating facts. I still can’t get over the fact that skunks eat bees!

  • WRZ

    There are not nearly enough nature shows about the small mammals that live among us.

    I really liked this show but we need a seperate short video with the formula about neutralizing the scent of skunk-spray.

    WRZ …..
    ccdogpark at ……


  • Mary Cummins

    It was fantastic! I’m so glad that some real information about skunks is now out there. Skunks are fantastic!
    ~ Wild skunk rehabber in Los Angeles

  • barbara collins

    THANK YOU!!!!! I spent much of the summer of ‘07 raising 8 baby skunks whose mother was hit by a car. Of course, I came to love them all, especially Blackie, the runt who had no stripes. Your story will enlighten and warm the hearts of many whose lives have been touched by the little black and whites!

  • Vicki Staton

    The show was great. I really liked how they got it out to the public that skunks aren’t just born with rabies and walking around just waiting for a chance to bite some poor unsuspecting human. It was interesting to learn that the spotted skunk hunts from trees and I didn’t know they could walk on their front feet. I also didn’t know that skunks could direct their spray. I did wonder what ever became of the one orphan who didn’t want to be turned loose. It was a very informative show and I hope that more shows just like it are produced.

  • Georgia Jenkins

    I wathed the show and I loved it. I collect skunks I have a whole room full. I would love to have skunks for a pet but I don’t have the placefor them. The program was great I did learn more about skunks. Will there be another show on about them if so can you e-mail me. Thanks for the show I also didn’t know there were so many skunk lovers.

  • Bobbie Cremeans

    I loved the show ,so much info,do another one soon Please. thanks to all who helped make this film it was really worth the watch

  • Deborah Cipriani (Skunk Haven)

    I loved the program and will always support the skunks no matter what. I am glad to see some one finally recognized the domestic skunks and wish they would have shown more of the colors of skunks. I would have liked to see the hooded skunk as well. I am glad that Jerry talked of skunks NOT having rabies and just like any other mammal have to be in contact with the virus to get it. Thanks Jerry for telling the public that. I did NOT like watching the fire in the in the grass in the Cal. town. Made me think how many aminals/skunks might get burnt. I also have to say I’m a proud skunk mama watching my Monk, Reily, Roady, Iris, and Violet in the film of Is That Skunk? My Little Skunk Stars! Good job by all and I hope another Skunk film will be in the making some time soon.
    Maybe some one will take the challenge to show the gene difference between our domestic and wild skunks.

  • Wayne Gunn

    The show was great. You said to send our skunk stories… We have a Border Collie who was curled up sleeping on a patio chair directly outside the window from our dining room table. A bit into dinner we smelled skunk. I went outside and she was staggering out of the chair, obviously waking up, and with a yellow stain on her nose. I turned and saw the skunk slip out through the bars in the front gate 20 feet away. Despite the description on the program of all the skunk warnings, I think what happened was the skunk thought he’d seen another black and white skunk on the chair. When he came to visit, and was very close he realized it was a dog, panicked and fired off a salvo. Possibly the dog raised her head, but there was no barking or commotion, and she probably thought it was a cat, and she is friendly and lives with cats. She was 4 feet from us on the other side of the window, and as I said, by the time I opened the door in a few seconds, she was still stepping down from the chair in a daze, half asleep and stinky. I guess skunks can get trigger-happy sometimes.

  • Lori H

    Very interesting program as I’ve come to expect from years of watching Nature. Last summer four young skunks began visiting my yard every evening. Sometimes a few adults came along also. After about 2 months they all disappeared.

    So as I was watching the program last night, one of my cats made a beeline toward the sliding door. I turned just in time to see a skunk moving away from the door and scampering off across the patio. If I didn’t know they have poor eyesight I’d swear it was out there watching the program too!!!

  • Pat Kuyrkendall

    I loved the show. It was very informative. I am owned by one black & white. It was interesting to see the spotted skunk walk on its front feet. I was also glad that it was told that the skunks are not born with rabies. I’m hoping that more people will now start thinking of them differently. They make GREAT pets

  • Doug P

    I loved the skunk show, and hope you will do another one. It was educational and entertaining. I can’t decide on any favorite part, I enjoyed every second equally. It was interesting watching the skunk roll the stink-bug in the dirt, another animal that uses a tool to accomplish what it needs. I’ve had a pet skunk for almost 3 years, and know these are smart creatures. Deb C. and Skunkhaven has helped me and many others with care of our skunks. I’ve purchased the DVD, and will watch this program, many times again. Thank you PBS, and all that helped make this fine program. I watch many or your Nature programs, and hope you will have another skunk program in the near future. We have to hear what happened to Jerry Dragoo’s 4th skunk that didn’t want to leave.

  • Janina

    It was a great video. I did not know that there are many kinds of skunks, what they eat, how they ‘operate’ their spraying ‘gun’.
    I was moved by the scene where the four babies were released–and one opted to stay with the human.
    The video changed my attitude in a sense that I started to wonder whatever happened with the skunks that I used to see a few years ago– but not recently. Urbanization..Here, in Houston, they build highrises in a park…I always wondered where the displaced animals went…Nowhere..They are all dead here..

  • Nicole

    I thought this was a great video. I’m so glad that there was an episode informing people about the truth about skunks and that they aren’t just what most people believe them to be. I actually did a research paper on skunks and keeping them as pets last year and my English teacher really liked it and said that she had learned a lot. I hope that in the future more people will be informed about skunks. Maybe keeping them as pets will even be legalized in more areas.

  • Jessica

    This was a great Nature show. Gives skunks a new leash on life but make people realize how much work they can be, but just as loveable. Great show..

    F Murray Abraham, great narration :)

  • Bill

    Really well done program. It’s nice to see something on the more common animals that people may see in their neighborhoods and parks. Enjoyed the humorous aspects, and looking at them from different points of view of their nature and behaviors. Very informative, I was pleased to see the episode return to the California town to explain why the skunks were there in such numbers, and their relationship to the stray cats. When you offer information though, such as the mixture of the skunk ‘de-scenting’ solution to use on sprayed pets, it would be helpful to see it listed on this website, and easy to find. Loved the program, really.

  • Michelle

    My family watched the show with our two female domestic skunks–three thumbs and two paws up! I really appreciated Jerry Dragoo’s debunkery of the rabies myth.

    I was disappointed that Deb of Skunk Haven chose to feature a family with a small baby. Skunks are not appropriate pets for the very young.

    As pets, they do pose challenges. They go through a “bitey” stage during their first year and require patience and discipline in getting them properly socialized. Skunks require very careful diet planning (no grains, careful phosphorous/calcium ratio, etc) and it’s difficult to find competent veterinarians who will work with skunks. (Fortunately I have a good one here in Oregon). In addition, due to popular misconceptions, skunk ownership is illegal in most US states.

    A good place to learn more about domesticated skunks is Striped Bandits (google it!). Do your homework before you get a pet skunk, and look into adopting one of the many that were brought home and ultimately given up by well-intended but uninformed owners.

    This show did a great job in bringing these fantastic, affectionate, intelligent, fascinating and very entertaining animals to light! Thanks!

  • Pam White

    Thank you for an episode that was not all “nature tooth and claw”, such as repeated shots of lions pulling down prey. Skunks are such endearing creatures, clever and funny. I especially liked watching the swimming skunk, and was just about overcome by the absolute cuteness of the orphaned baby skunks! Please have more shows like this, featuring less glamorous animals who are nonetheless just as fascinating and wonderful as the lions and tigers and bears.

  • Brenda

    I loved the show! I had never noticed how beautitul spotted skunks are. It was also interesting to hear that skunks and cats will eat together. My next door neighbor has found a possum sharing food in the kitchen with her cats. Please write up the anti-smell recipe: Hydrogen pyroxide, something, and detergent. And the amounts? Great show –

  • Wendell T. Winegar

    This was one of the best documentaries on skunks that I have seen. I love skunks and have nurtured a family of 6 when their mother was killed by a car. Kept them for 12 weeks before releasing them. I had one for several years as a house pet. Currently have a Raccoon as a pet for 22 years. I guess I am just a animal lover and protector.
    Wendell T. Winegar

  • Sherry Hand

    I love the Nature series, and this is one of my favorites of all time! Thanks for providing such quality educational and entertaining programming! Keep them coming!

  • John Hussain

    Great episode, wonderfully narrated; I watched it twice!

    To Pattie and others who requested the skunk ‘deodorizer’ recipe, I sniffed it out, & here is the text version, as described by Professor Wood:

  • Barbara Hert

    This was a fun and interesting show. When I was a kid, our neighbor had a pet skunk. She used to go out in the evening and walked it on a leash, just a like a dog! This was in the 70’s and she attracted a LOT of attention. Of course, I live in Ohio where it is still legal. I just watched the show yesterday since we had to record it for viewing at a different time. I paused it to write the Skunk Stink Neutralizer recipe for the people who asked. Here it is:
    1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
    ¼ c Baking soda
    1 Tsp detergent
    Do not premix and store anywhere. Mix up fresh to keep pressure from building. Mix outside. Keep out of eyes. Leave on about 5 minutes and rinse off.

  • Mary

    I learned alot and loved the show. I did not know there was so many colors of skunks. I found that very interesting. I thought skunks were only black and white! I would have like to seen more on domestic skunks. I did go to the web site to see a color chart there. I liked how the skunks backed down the other animals. Glad to hear what Mr Dragoo said about the myth on Rabies and skunks. Any mammal can get rabies if infected by the virus. Good job done by the filming crew and all involved. Will there be another film on domestic skunks? I read there is a Skunk Fest in Ohio that would be interesting.

  • Ace Attura

    Great program!! LOVE them skunkies.

    Dear folks in Marysville California — PLEASE make Raccoon-proof feral cat feeders, and feed the feral cats (they should be TNR’d too) — because SKUNKS cannot jump and neither can Racoons!! WHY should the feral cats starve??? (they are there only becuz irresponsible humans originally dumped them or their parents there…..!)

    Hope “Is That Skunk?” keeps making the rounds on PBS programming — and– PBS, you could also show it as part of your fundraising drive this year!!!!!

  • Azar

    The ONLYpart I did not like was the part where they stopped feeding the feral cats (WHY???!!!!They are our brethren, just like the skunks are)


    where they BURNED all that gras– HOW many living beings sleeping in burrows got suffocated because of that fire????!!!

  • Annette King Tucker

    Great job PBS!! Your portrayal was positive, very educational and will provoke compassion for one of my favorite species! I learned many things from this documentary and it makes me proud to be a part of the team that assists our little stomping stink pots!
    Job well done!

  • Jennifer

    I loved the show! I’m interested in learning about skunks after seeing one in my yard. I know they are misunderstood, and I think this episode went a good distance in teaching people what skunks are really like. I can’t think of a cuter animal, and I find them really interesting!

  • Cindy M. Lloyd

    My family had several pet skunks over the years and my daughters even won grand champion in the local county fair’s pet show with Stinkerbelle and Sweetpea. I loved the show! One thing that always bothered me and I wish the program would have brought out this information is that just because a skunk is out in the daytime doesn’t mean it has rabies. So many people think that if they see a skunk during the day, it must have rabies and immediately try to kill them. My daughters tried putting a poster in the county fair one year comparing wild skunks to pet skunks. The judge didn’t even give them a chance. Actually, his comment was “skunks can’t be pets”. I feel terribly sad when I think of how many beautiful skunks were needlessly killed because of the general public’s ignorance! I hope this airs again so I can actually record it! Thanks!

  • Valerie Dawson

    I love the show, I have it saved on my DVR and have watched it three times now. To all the filming crew, you did a wonderful job! To Jerry Dragoo and Deb Cipriani, you guys are awesome and I want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

  • Nancy

    Thank you so much for this wonderful show on my favorite animals!! I’ve had skunks as pets for years and also work with Deb Cipriani and Skunkhaven and there were still some facts that I didn’t know!! It would be great if you did a show in the future about the domestic skunk! We would welcome your attendance at Skunkfest 09 on September 12th in North Ridgeville Ohio!! They are just wonderful animals and my house wouldn’t be complete without them!! My favorite part was watching Mr. Dragoo feeding the babies!! They’re so adorable!! Deb does a great job taking care of all the unwanted domestic skunks she’s truly an angel!! Thank you

  • Tanya

    I truly enjoyed the show. It was both entertaining and informative. I think my favorite part of the show was Dr. Dragoo “dis-arming” the rabies myth. Domestic skunk owners already know this, so hopefully now, more of the general public does too. Way to go, Jerry, thank you so much!!

    I would love to see more shows on both the wild and domestic skunk. Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this film.

  • Gloria Kohut

    Great film! Nature has long been my favorite program, and this episode was one of the most fascinating. But, do skunks that have been raised by hand and returned to the wild approach humans more readily?

  • Pete Fisher

    Nature does such a great job that I knew a doc about skunks would be classic. Fave part: all of the comments and anecdotes by the various “regular citizens” prove that everyone has a skunk story. I laughed out loud when that lady said they were like cartoon characters, because they are. Skunks regularly visit our urban backyard looking for grubs, not trouble, but when I accidently get too close in the evening, Boy do they stink!

  • animalfriend

    thanks opb for being “more open minded”. i loved your commercial from a couple of years back showing a skunk as a beloved family pet, and i loved even more being able to watch an hour long show on skunks. they are truly a beautiful animal an my thanks to all of the people involved in bringing this wonderful documentary to us. you bet i will support my local public broacasting station!
    i am also so happy to see such positive comments for these beautiful creatures. awesome!

  • Linda Camp

    Usually I am asleep on the sofa by early evening. Thanks for such quality broadcasting. I didn’t even yawn during this show!

  • Vickie

    I really enjoyed the show – very informative and they were adorable. I would love to have one as a pet, but wonder if they have an odor about them as a ferret does? Does anyone know?? Also, my daughter has a problem with her one dog – if there is a skunk around – - – this dog will find it – they gave a recipe for odor removal on dogs and I missed it (potty break) : ( did anyone catch it? She usually uses tomato juice, but this is a long haired german shepard, and it takes alot of juice!!!
    Thanks for any info you can give me.

  • wintergleam

    I wanted more about the skunks themselves, how they lived and such,
    though the show was excellent overall.

    My story? I came out of the building,
    we lived in public housing, and there
    was a skunk. It was dark and I thought
    he was a cat so I went to pet him, he
    stamped his little paws and raised his
    tail and I kept coming. He scuttled
    away. “Aww! Poor kitty!” I said, and
    then he turned away. I did too.

    No spray, I guess he took pity on
    me going to get gas and didn’t give
    me gas.


  • Valeri

    To answer Vickie:
    No, domesticated skunks do not have an odor like ferrets. Their “scent” glands are removed at a couple of weeks of age.
    Before you get a pet skunk, please do your research, as it takes patience, some lifestyle changes, a special vet, a special diet, and time to raise a skunk. But to me it is all worth it. To do further research you should go to

    The recipe was
    1 quart of 3% peroxide
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1 TBS detergent

    Mix this fresh, do not make ahead of time, it builds pressure. Mix it up outside, and pour it over your dog outside, avoid the eyes, let it sit on the dog for 5 minutes. Then rinse well

  • steve wolowina

    Living in Montana, I am fortunate in seeing many animals. Unfortunately, much of them are in the form of road-kill, and skunks seem to be a targeted species. Thank you for airing such a wonderful film and perhaps this recognition will result in a greater appreciation of animals who don’t have the GLAM factor.

  • Hattie

    I found it really interesting to watch this show. I actually live in Marysville-in fact, you can see my apartment and my car in most of the scenes. ;p Strange as this may sound it’s kind of sweet to see how loveingly people spoke of the skunks. Whenever my boyfriend and I come home the first thing we say is “God, do you smell that?!” It’s funny to see how something we sometimes take for granted is actually something some people truely care for. I definately appreciate them more, although not so much when they’re under may car…;p

  • Chip

    Interesting piece on skunks, still dont want them around my neighbohood this spring and summer again. I entice any skunk lover to e-mail me this spring and summer and catch our skunks and take them to your house or area

  • Aly

    Just watched the episode online after my husband came home from a business trip talking about it. I loved it! I’ve always thought skunks were kinda cute, but I really didn’t think much else of them…except how badly they smell when someone hits one on the road. I enjoyed seeing the different colors, especially the spotted skunk. I would have loved to see more of the skunk sanctuary in Ohio, & also to have found out if that 4th baby skunk finally struck out on its own in New Mexico…or did it stay with its surrogate mother, the scientist? Great show! Well done, amusing & informative. Thank you!

  • Myra Mahoney

    Your shows are terrific! However, it’s not every day that I get to learn a whole lot more about a common creature, one I’ve had several encounters with. Now I understand why so many of them wind up dead on the road (I narrowly avoided hitting one myself, one night)–since they don’t worry about predators that’s why they are so nonchalant and not paying attention. But, I also really was glad to hear the recipe for washing skunk spray off. When one of my dogs was skunked I had phoned a friend, a pest control expert and he told me, “Whatever you do, don’t use tomato juice, you’ll just turn your dog orange.” I never did get the odor out of the collar. We had a skunk spray right outside our window one night and the residual odor permeated the brick, remaining for years. Rain revived the smell for years and made it strong enough to be nauseating. I’d be curious as to how that could be. Thanks for your great shows!!

  • Buck

    Very interesting and informative! Keep up the great work.

  • Marilyn

    I loved this show because I have many skunks around my house. I live in the country and feed the birds. The skunks come at night to clean up the seed droppings. Since I have a “doggy” door close by, my Maltese have been skunked routinely every summer as they race out to scare the “animal in the yard”. Personally I have found them to be just as the show suggested; quiet, unassuming, and gentle. If I go outside without the dogs, they sort of just move on without any spray tactics. I had one once in my chicken coop (unused). I told him he could stay if he minded his business and didn’t spray us. He looked at me and listened like he really understood, and then the next day he was gone.
    The show was not only educational about this much maligned animal, but had a gentle “loving” approach that I really liked.

  • Sam

    Thank you for the program. I have always liked these little guys as they are so pretty. I had a momma and three little kits in my yard this last summer. I lament seeing where one has been run over by a car. A great program. Thanks, Sam

  • Kdetroit

    Strange show because we only got the video and the music but none of the human voices. People were talking, we could see that but there were no voices, only the music and the grunting sound of the skunks.



  • Al

    I think skunks, whose natural diet is grubs, insects, berries, pine nuts, etc., deserve a place here on this beautiful planet. You’ve got to like a species whose only attack is a defensive smell. If more people saw this kind of television, they might look inward a bit more, and man might survive in harmony with the planet.

  • Musharraf Rajab

    Actaually,i loved that show,so that was the first time i know there is some type of animal its called skunk and it has astinky(bad)smell for protect him or herself.When i was watching that program i was laughing ,cause of that thing.On the other hand,I learned something that is the skunks are almost can be live with us as apet animal.In addition,they have differnt type pf colors,i mean some of them are white,some of them are black,and some of them are white and black together.generaly i loved that show extramely.

  • Cindy

    You just fall in love with the lil’ stinkers! My favorite part was DEFINITELY the preparing to spray scene with the Spotted Skunk doing the front leg handstand. What awesome video! Hope the poor creature wasn’t actually upset for that shot, but it was amazing to see his athleticism (and cuteness!).

  • Guy

    I was totally amazed at the fact that a rattlesnake will stop advertising it’s prescence in the vicinity of a skunk . Learned quite a few other things about them as well . Outstanding presentation , and thanks to those who help them .

  • katye

    I LOVED the show! It is so nice to see our little fur kids getting the kind of good press they deserve.

  • Diva

    I’m a 3rd grade student, and am doing a report about skunks — this show helped me alot more than the books. I never knew they could do handstands amd swim as well. Also, they can spray in different directions, scare away mountain lions — and the liquid they spray is flammable! My favorite part was when they were bottle fed. There was nothing I didn’t like. Thank you!

  • Sierra Hopkins

    Another great reason to support public television!
    I learned a lot about a familiar but mysterious animal. I have studied wildlife biology, in college, but have never learned as much about skunks as I did in one hour on PBS. Who knew they could swim? I was also amazed to find out how the scent glands work and that the lil stinkers can actually AIM the squirt and have control over if it’s a stream or spray! Learning more about skunks, and debunking some myths (like they don’t all have rabies) helps people appreciate this interesting, adorable animal. It may help protect them too.
    I am definitely a “skunk fan” now!

    As for the people who got so upset that the people in Marysville have a feral cat problem, why don’t you join/give to/volunteer at a local no-kill shelter so that you can be part of the solution instead of just griping? Feral cat problems happen in every city and state in the nation, and I was always taught that if it upsets me, I should do something about it. Maybe you could make it part of your New Year resolution or part of President Obama’s “Take Responsibilty” campaign. Just a thought…I’ll get off of my soapbox now!

    Bravo PBS, another great program!!!

  • Matt

    I loved this episode as I do every episode. I want to thank you for creating this great show.

  • Elizabeth Deras

    AWESOME SHOW PBS! My favorite part: Seeing the CUTE BABY SKUNKS. The real story about skunks taught me a lot of things that I didn’t know about skunks. I never knew that cats and skunks could actually get along. I really want people to start treating skunks with respect. Skunks are really cool smart creatures. Thank you for making this episode. This episode is going to open peoples’ eyes. Once Again, AWESOME SHOW PBS.

  • Dave

    Great show. The Skunk Lady and I were in touch more than a dozen years ago and she pretty much talked me out of having one as a pet. They’re still beautiful and mysterious creatures and proof-positive that Mother Nature has both a sense of humor and innate intelligence far beyond anything humans can piece together.

  • Laurie McQueary

    I like skunks, but your program (as another viewer mentioned) had a serious flaw — the soundtrack lacked voice narration and conversations until about the last 15 minutes or so. I could hear ALL other sounds, but no human voices! What happened? Do you have any plans to remedy this and rebroadcast the program? Please do!

  • tabatha

    AS a skunk owner i was happy to see this show on. i thought it was very good. but i also think that you should do another one that is more about domesticated one indstead of wild. let the world know that they are not bad pets. and i really wish there was something we could do to change the laws about owning them. I boust my skunk from a pet store in Ga and now they are saying that they are not legall to own i really wish i could make them change it but i just dont know how to make them see that they are not as bad as what everyone makes them out to be

  • Juliet

    Thank you for all this wonderful information. I have a love of all living creatures and thirst for knowledge concerning them all. We have had a skunk family living under our house for two years. We have three big Chow Chow dogs and one gets sprayed regularly. My husband is not home more than a fourth of the year so he doesn’t have to deal with our skunk family very much but when he does he isn’t very happy. Thank goodness your program showed me what we can do to make them leave and go back to the river area that we live near. I will be playing the radio for them soon this season. I walk our neighborhood at night and always see several skunks. They have never bothered me nor I them. They are just busy going about their business.

  • Lynette

    The information learned about the skunk,the different types, colors as well as their willingness to challenge man and all other animals, was eye opening. What I found amazing is the rattle snake feared the skunk? Who could have ever imagined? All those old wives tales, were debunked for me by this video. I enjoy Nature programming…Enjoyed this one immensely.

  • stevie Leonard

    I remember all those spray parts from life

  • amy

    Very good. Good overall, general information on skunks. Interesting.

  • tim lewis

    Thank you for this program on behalf of responsible skunk owners everywhere!

  • debi

    I’ve loved skunks for a very long time. My most special one, Chloe, was so close to me that I still cry about losing her, five years later. She cuddled with me, slept with me, went everywhere with me. She was the sweetest, most loving pet I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. One night a fire started in my house, started by a cat playing with a napkin by a candle. Chloe insistently stomped, chirred, scratched at my bed and in general wouldn’t go away till I woke up and then dashed at the bedroom door, over and over. I finally realized something was wrong, and followed her as she ran down the hall to show me the fire. She actually ran towards the fire, and not away from it. She was not thinking of her own safety, but she was trying to save me, which she did! I will never ever forget her and will always love her.

    The video was wonderful, informative and well put together with just the right touch of humour. It was obviously written by people who understand and appreciate these wonderful creatures that we are so fotunate to share our earth with.

    I’m very glad there are people like that out there, that can educate us and, in so doing, take away our ignorance and fear. What a wonderful world we live in!

  • gabby

    the most interesting thang about the skunk is that it hunts in the trees at night.

  • Chuck Schoon

    That was one of the most delightful nature episodes I have ever watched! I have considered having a skunk as a pet and now I know I would love to have one! They are lovely, sweet little creatures and I thank you for this wonderful piece on them. A wealth of useful information on them.
    ~~~ Chuck Schoon, Alexandria, Virginia USA

  • Reed Sullivan

    I really enjoyed the show! Favorite part? I think the humor throughout the show even in the filming of the skunks, the show was clever, informative, uplifting. Definitely an attitude changing show moving me to a more compassionate approach to skunks. Anything I didn’t like? Nope.

  • Rick S

    I watched your show “Is That Skunk?” on 02-28-2010, on KBTU and heard the formula for the wash/bath, but didn’t hear the amounts of the specific ingredients. Can you Please help me out?
    Also, I live in Gatesville,TX and have them all around my house, and even a new family under it! Can you give me some idea of how to coax them out?
    Thank you, Rick

  • Bobby dee

    I had 3 big skunks last summer. They love the sunflower seeds that the birds & squirrels waste. I trapped the first one really easy with a Hav-a-heart trap and drove him many miles away. The other 2 won’t come near the trap. I will try the loud music. If that doesn’t work I will buy the fox urine. I tried marking my territory after drinking lots of iced tea. I found out that only works for one evening. I chased them out of my yard several times each evening.

  • Katherine McGill

    Thank you PBS. How refreshing to have a Nature show NOT be about hunting, reptiles, or other animals a world away. We need to know more, understand, and appreciate the animals in our own backyard. If we don’t respect them, can we truly evolve into a society that is humane and conscious of something other than ourselves?

    Urban Wild Animals are very bit the sentient beings our dogs, cats, horses are. They feel no less pain, suffer no less, and have every bit the right (if not more) than domestics or humans have to be here. We can keep ignoring it, but that doesn’t make it not true!

  • SunChaser

    Skunks and other native urban wildlife deserve the right to receive rescue and rehab. Many States, like NC, CO, … now ban and demand 100% killing of skunks, raccoons, fox… if you trap it you must (and should) release it on the same property. BUT, when these animals are hurt or orphaned they deserve rehabilitation by state licensed wildlife specialists. Instead, these states demand they are killed. Just a “renewable resource” it seems – not a living, sentient creature?

    Please know your state laws and demand equal and humane treatment of wildlife, “consumptive” hunting tag sale animals or not. Demand pro-active measures such as oral rabies vaccine for wildlife, trap-vaccinate programs, and rehabilitation allowed for ALL native wildlife.

    Rabies vaccination for wildlife protects us, our pets, and our wildlife. And animal cruelty is animal cruelty, domesticated or not. It isn’t about lawful, humane hunting, it’s about cruelty of fur trapping, derby hunts, canned hunts… We can do better without these inhumane practices.

  • Sherry

    I just LOVED the skunk episode! My favorite part was watching them walking around…minding their own business and going somewhere important!! They are truly beautiful animals and I appreciate all the information about these sweet creatures.

  • Gail from Canada

    I found the program regarding skunks very informative and amusing. Many years ago we raised two sets of skunks we got from the local SPCA as babies. We lived in a suburban area and as they grew, they would “wander” and I would get calls from my neighbors that our skunks were in their yard. I will never forget the little female, our first skunk, as she was fiesty! When it came time to release them, we used the “soft” release. We took them to a wooded area near a field, put their “box ” in it and fresh food and then covered the whole thing with wire, making a cage they could not get out of, nor could something else get in. They had a “runway” and their home to hide in. After a few days, as we continued to go to the “box” and feed, we opened the cage at one end for them to come and go as they pleased. Once they were coming and going, we feed every other day, then next week every third day until we would come and see no sign of them but lots of food left. We then took the box and wire cage home. Whenever we went into the area of the release, we would occasionaly spot a skunk but we never approached them as we found they were able to go wild very well, not like raccoons whom we also raised. Anyway, what a wonderful program and I hope you air it again so more people can learn about these animals and not be so fast to kill them as they do not hurt the farmers’ crops but help control the insects etc.

  • Gail from Canada

    After reading some other comments regarding skunks. We found the way to get the skunk smell out of our dogs after they got sprayed. Simple: wash the animal (in the bathtub if possible) with warm water and use a MILD (BABY IS BEST) SHAMPOO on the animal, especially where sprayed as the spray is oily and the shampoo will disolve it. Empty TUB water, put new water in and add WHITE VINEGAR (at least one cup) to the water. This will take any spray left and not hurt the dog (or cats) eyes etc. However, if they have been sprayed in their mouth, you will have to try to brush their teeth and maybe rinse with vinegar water. We learned this after our two dogs got sprayed, especially our wire haired terrier!.

  • Charles From Florida

    I want a skunk, but alas I have two large dogs that would probably kill my skunk. Skunks are so interesting and cuddly. I enjoyed the program very much. I especially appreciate the information about the skunk needing to think about spraying before it does. I always thought they sprayed first.

  • malissa toney

    I loved it, i thought it was funny and so informative.

  • Andrea

    My daughter, age 8, has watched this show at least 5 times (first when it aired, and subsequently online). She is a regular, avid “Nature” watcher, but she *adores* this episode. Her favorite part is when Dragu (spelling?) tries to release the skunks. She loves the music that was chosen for these parts–it is truly perfectly matched to their cute little movements, and she will replay that part again and again, and make me come watch it with her. So Kudos to the musicographer! She also loves when the spotted skunk does his long-lasting handstand. We didn’t know that the scent glands were similar to those of other animals, nor that skunks had adapted the ability to control their aim so well. And we didn’t know a recipe for cleaning off the scent, so if we are ever in need, we know where to look! Excellent job on this one!

  • jeff on cape cod

    It was a great look at the private lives of skunk. After watching, I’m thinking of starting a refuge for skunks, and babies who have lost their mother to traffic, and relocate.
    I was’nt aware that skunks forage in trees, and rattlers quiet themselves when a skunk is present.

    On your next show it would be nice if you could educate people who have lawns. I’ve heard more people complain how skunks are ruining their lawns. Its not the skunks that are ruining their lawns, but whats underneath eating the root system of grass.

    I like to think of skunks as natures airator’s and grub control. When I go out in the morning and see the help they’ve given me, I’m thankfull, I don’t need grubex, or any other harsh chemicles that upset a balance ecosystem.

    Thanks for a great show

  • Stephen

    I was amazed at how resourceful skunks were and how diverse their diet can be. They’re more like raccoons, in that sense, than I realized. I love how the babies sound like cartoon characters too! :D

  • Mindy D

    Loved the show..just wish we could get law overturned that would allow domestic skunks to be kept as pets in GEORGIA again!!! I had a pet skunk for over 8 years and I miss him so much. I want to get another skunk but they are now illegal in Georgia again…Please Flood the GaDNR with requests to get law overturned and the capital…..SKUNKS MAKE GREAT PETS!!!1

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  • Rose Fields

    Just watched “Is that Skunk” for the second time. My favorite part of the show was of Jerry with the five orphan skunks he raised.
    It was interesting to see the actual spraying and later read how it was done.
    Did not change my attitude about Skunks because I already liked them.

  • Laura

    Loved it! My dog JUST got sprayed and we see them every night so it was timely. I was surprised to see a show on skunks but would love to see more on those critters that are so common and aren’t as highly thought of. I mean, how many times has the wildebeast migration been filmed? Awesome, yes, but I personally like knowing more about my local fauna. I shall patiently wait for the ‘possum and raccoon episodes, along with fox, coyote, vole, and white tailed deer.

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  • Flavia Hiens

    I am having a weird problem I cannot appear to be ready to link to your rss feed. i am using google reader Fyi.

  • Ailene Gregory

    I really liked the video. I just thought the close-up part of a skunk spraing was kind of disurbing. Other than that, it was pretty good. Skunks are my favorite animals because they are soooooooooo cute and funny. I hope you write again.

  • Jesus

    I just saw your video. I love skunks. When I was younger I thought I was wierder then most wierd people because I like the smell of skunks. Then one day I saw a news article on other peolple like myself, there was even a club for people that liked skunk smell. I wish we could have skunks as pets in CA. Until then keep up the good work. A skunk lover.

    jesus g

  • Barbara

    I enjoyed the video. I have walked with skunks at night thinking I was walking with my fluffy cat, until I put on the lights. Skunks have walked in and out of my home when doors were left open by others. They never sprayed, and appreciated the clean vegetable scraps I tossed outside my garden area for them and other wild animals living in the area. Skunks are truly amazing animals.

  • Casimire Williamsii

    I have a Bengal Cat and a Bengal/Desert Lynx, they have a caged in area in the back yard that they can play in. One evening I turned on the outside light just as a skunk was going by. Both my cats were side by side bowing to him. They had their front legs strait out and their heads tucked down. I would say that is pretty smart.
    One other time I had a skunk move in under my house, during the evening when he was gone I scattered moth balls around and he never came back.

  • Mike


  • Evlyn

    It was great information about the animal. Besides bees do they find termites tasty? The animal looks cute but are very destructive here at our house. They have a multi-generational (45 yrs we have been here) den under the house and tear the shingle siding off to get to it. Also move huge rocks to get in. Having multiple dens explains how they have survived termite tenting. Recently an exterminator told me that skunks do not eat termites (a reoccuring problem here) as I thought. He also suggested we try scattering moth balls about their access point. It seems to work, they fuss a lot but are repelled by them. I now keep fresh moth balls about as I suspect they have communicated with thousands of offspring as to the location of this den. Thanks for the program,

  • cathy aguilar

    I loved the show and I like skunks ! I teach first grade and introduce my students to all things skunks. My students pour over books from our school’s library learning all about skunks. Years ago I read that skunks return to certain geographic routes because their brains have ingrained routes for searching out water, so when a road in built they are still compelled to cross as they migrate towards water. My local paper , the San Diego Union Tribune published articles about skunks many years ago with that info. Also, I have had to use the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and soap mixture on my stubborn dogs on many occasions. I also ran over an already dead skunk once and had to wash my car with the mixture… even so it reeked for several days.
    I enjoyed the show very much.
    I have a skunk puppet in my class and my students enjoy putting our air freshener can inside of it so the it looks like it sprays us in class!

  • RJ Peters

    Four years ago, we moved to a home in the country and have had several skunks in our yard. Our dogs encountered them first and I learned the recipe for skunk odor removal pretty much right away: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 to 3/4 gal. vinegar (preferably cider vinegar but white is OK), 2 Tablespoons blue Dawn dishwashing liquid. Optional ingredients include baking soda, 1/2 cup, and salt, 1/2 cup.
    One evening, while I was relaxing on the deck with the cats and petting them, I felt a strange feeling fur…just different from cat fur…and looked down to see I was petting a skunk. My heart leaped into my throat and I slowly walked into the house. He did not spray…and over the next couple of years became somewhat of a pet, often coming into the house with the cats to eat and relax by the back door. I asked our vet to descent him, but it’s illegal here, so we just stayed calm whenever he was around. Then a few weeks ago, I found him flattened out on the country road that goes by our place. My heart is broken! He was the sweetest little guy! And after watching your show, I learned, along with personal experience, that they are wonderful animals! So glad to find out that there are people who look out for them, too. I didn’t know there are rescuers and researchers and rehabbers. It just seems so unfair that it’s not OK to care for them, but it’s perfectly OK to shoot them in most states. We have had offers from “friends” to come out and “get rid” of the skunks here. No way! If they just wouldn’t wander, they have a safe haven on our property.

  • Liz

    I watched the video this morning and enjoyed it immensely. We live in the country and currently have a family of skunks that come to eat with our barn cats when we feed them in the evening. There is one “runt” who grabs a piece of food and goes off to eat by itself. The babies are so cute. I watched their momma move them from under one of our sheds to the barn one morning. She carried them in her mouth, just like a cat would do. It is wonderful to find out that they do so much good by eating so many different things. Every once in a while we will smell them, but not as often as you would expect. I am glad to see the recipe for skunk odor removal, in case we should need it. Thank you for such an informative video. I hope to purchase it for my mother, who always wanted a skunk as a pet when she was a young girl.

  • Mili Pardo-Bronx, NYC

    This is some program! Nature is my favorite program ever! Skunks are fascinating animals! I once encountered one when walking with my dogs in the middle of Mosholu Pkwy in the Bronx back in October 2009. He just crossed the parkway forcing some drivers to stop and admire him!
    I have purchased this episode and played it on my first grade class last year! The children loved it!

  • Lee

    Wonderful episode! What we’ve come to expect from PBS Nature, without disappointment. “… everyone has a skunk story” It’s true. I did not know skunks were born ready to spray.. That explains a couple of my own experiences in central Michigan..

  • bill

    Thank you for posting this show free of charge. I enjoyed it; I think it was good to have some balance among wild film footage, interaction with humans and wild and domestic animals, plus the mystery of skunks being in such numbers in the town, and the lifestyles of people helping and studying skunks. The demonstration of the anal scent nozzles is . . . very convincing; and to know a chased skunk can leave a fine mist screen to welcome the hunter in pursuit – - always there is more to learn, for predators and for me (c: So, thank you!

  • Maurice Pointe

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    Same goes to Cesc, but the difference is, both Kanoute and Cesc addressed the matter and it is over!

  • Douglas

    Watched it a few weeks ago.
    Recently after, I was camping, sleeping on a cot, under the stars (no tent); my head resting on my back pack. I awoke in the middle of the night as something was tugging at my pack beneath my head. My first thoughts as I slowly became aroused was a dang “coon” or possum so prominent in the area. In my sleepy haze I turned to be face to face w/ a beautiful, full grown specimen, eye to eye!. There was food in my pack he obviously smelled. My 1st. reaction was…”Ooooh S**t !”. Then I remembered the program, and did not feel threatened. instead, I remained still, quite, and admired his beauty! He was a fine specimen! Full coat and vivid,distinct stripes! With a raised tail! He was quick to do that! But did not spray. After 30 mins of wandering nearby (within range of me)….he went on his way. What a beautiful animal!

    He returned two more nights with the same results. He checked out all my stuff… sniffing around at many times was within inches of me. I remained quite and still, he went own his way, and I was better for seeing his beauty!

  • Drats

    Awesome show. This show had to involve a lot more humans than I would like, because of the behavior of the species. I thought close-up spray shots were remarkable, and something we would never be able to see in real life (thankfully). I learned a lot and was surprised to see that they are no longer considered Mustelids. Keep up the great work.

  • Kendahsi

    I loved it!!!
    Only thing…the program made no mention of when, how, or if skunks bite! Also, I would still like to know what their fur smells like? Does it carry a faint scent of their spray? I saw them swim, but do they take to being bathed easily? This was a great program, and much appreciation to the man that runs the rescue shelter. He was a great teacher and spokesperson!

  • Sarah

    I enjoyed watching the show, however I felt there was one misleading fact. The show mentioned that the last reported case of rabies transferred by a skunk was back in the early 1990s. However, I myself had a rabid skunk come to my house when I was in high school back in 2003 I believe. It tested positive by the state department, and I was very lucky I had no salivary contact with the animal. In addition, just this year there has been a huge increase in rabies cases reported in my home state of Oklahoma…one of those cases a horse! Therefore, I believe we should always be cautious of wild animals, especially skunks. And always, always rabies vaccinate your animals (including your livestock!).

  • Anonymous

    A friend and I were at our local school playground and we thought we saw a puppy in the field next the playground. So we went over to the fence and started yelling, “Here puppy, puppy, puppy!” over and over again. We saw it come out of a bush and it started waddling toward us. My friend stood up and whispered, “I don’t think that’s a puppy…” and started to back away. Then I looked closer and I swear I felt my heart drop in my stomach and I said, “That’s a skunk!”. I lived across the street from the school and we walked there so we ran for my house and didn’t look back. We crossed the street and looked to check and see where the skunk was and it was following us. We stood there watching it waddle toward us with it’s tail in the air, but when it got close to the road, it stopped. It looked at the cars whizzing by and turned around… Great times! (:

  • MichellLynnVA

    Just wanted to share my “skunk story” prefaced by the fact hat I’ve always been fascinated by these cute, fearless critters. (Although I’m slightly disapointed they’re no longer mustelids. I’ve been a ferret fan for nearly 30 years and always liked likening the two.) Oh, and Kendahs i- they can bite, and fairly well, but rarely resort to it.

    But my story: About 10 years ago I had to walk to work at 4 a.m. I cut through a section of woods to shorten my walk time and although not in a truly dangerous area, it was borderline to some high-crime sections. One mornng I came upon a striped skunk and, having my lunch on me and being an animal lover, shared some. This skunk walked me through the woods to the main thoroughfare.

    Thinking having a skunk escort me was a darn good safety move, I started carrying various kibble & treats with me. Imagine a rapist or murderer or even a theif sprayed by a skunk! lol Fortunately, it never came to that. But it DID come to a friendship; Slick, as I called him/her (I never got close enough to gender! I think it was a male, though.) would meet me at the edge of the woods and walk the 20 minutes through the woods with me as I occassionaly gave him treats. This went on daily for 6 months, to the point I’d go out & give him treats in the mornings I had off.

    I’d like to think Slick sensed my fear and offered his skills but regardless, I do miss him. He was friendly and even sometimes affectionate to me and I truly believe he earned every one of those treats. I’m thankfully not sure, but I do believe he would’ve used his resources to protect me as well.

    Regardless, he lives in infamy in my mind and it’s quite comforting to have a skunk on your side when crossing through woods in the wee hours.

  • MichellLynnVA

    Hey Jesus g – Ferrets are also still illegal in Cali due to a misinformed governer. I say this as many people like the smell of ferrets as well (while others hate it). It’s like a warm corn-chips smell. I love it. Perhaps you could sign the latest bill to get these animals approved? Ferrets and skunks are both adorable and capable of real love and affection, and the pet types are neutered and descented. That’s Cali’s concern….the might form their own breeds and take over. Ridiculous! Hard to have babies without the equipment!

    All they have to do is disallow local breeders.

    PBS – AWESOME show! When’s your next one on ferrets? Saw the last one but want more! lol

  • Mark

    To neutralize skunk spray

    1 Quart of 3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide
    1/4 cup Baking Soda
    1 Teaspoon of Liquid Laundry Soap (Pert shampoo also works)

    After 5 minutes rinse with water

    Keep out of eyes !
    Only mix and use outside !

    Myself and my collie experienced being spayed in the face at the same time… NOT a pleasant experience.
    My collie went blind shortly afterward, never was sure if it was being spayed by a skunk that did it.

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