John Denver: Let This Be a Voice

NATURE’s John Denver: Let This Be A Voice explores the American West with the late singer and conservationist.

Defying all conventional labels, John Denver held a singular place in American music: a songwriter whose immensely popular work was suffused with a deep and abiding kinship with the natural world.

In the months just prior to his death in a plane accident in 1997, Denver was filming an episode of the NATURE series, centering on the natural wonders that inspired many of his best-loved songs. The result is a poignant and melodic film that records his final journeys into the wilderness and contains his last song, composed while rafting along the Colorado River with his son and young daughter.

Online content for John Denver: Let This Be A Voice was originally posted December 1998.

  • JNagarya

    Hooray for amnesia, and activit scrapings of the bottom of the barrel.

    John Denver was a mediocre COMMERCIAL “artist” who did the politically correct “thing” to give himself appeal to those who actually cared about the environment. But, GAWD! to do sweeps weeks with such provincial dreck really is scraping the bottom of the barrel. The only thing worse is the running of transparently obvious INFOMERCIALS by “entreprenuers” who use PBS to rake in private profits behind the non-profit cover that is to be PBS’ FOUNDATION.

  • Kathryn J. Bond

    John Denver was the most cherished songwriter of our time. Loving him or hating him was the litmus test of the soul… He spoke right to my own heart… and I have loved and cherished him and his music for my entire life. No one else could come close to impact he has had on our lives… He is singing with the angels now, in the presence of God. Until we meet again John… rest in peace.

  • Tony Nieto

    John Denver was to me the best folklore singer songwriter of our generation.He sang from the heart and soul.His tragic death couldn’t have come at a worst time.He so cared about our enviroment and how it would effect our wildlife.We are living a fast and sometimes reckless life that we tend to forget about what’s important for our childrens future.John Denver cared about what happened to our future.His songs will always be a part of my life and will keep me focused on how life was so care free and full of hope.Rest in Peace my Friend !!!!

  • Mark Brockman

    I am amazed at the anger some feel toward John Denver, his music and his causes. He was a human being and so was flawed as we all are, but he touched many people, and did good things. One need not like his music, and if one thinks he was not what he says he was, yet still if we practice what he spoke to, peace, making the world a better place, even with small actions like picking up a bit of garbage every day, treating your fellow man with respect, then how much better would our world be.

  • Diane Thomas

    Everyone has the right to their opinion including likes and dislikes regarding music. Still today I miss John Denver so much it brings me to tears. For months after his death I couldn’t listen to his music. I miss attending his concerts and singing along. This does not mean I don’t like Ozzy Osborne or Beathoven. There are many good singer songwriters I just happen to fall in love with John Denver. I never found him ever politically incorrect. He never had any problems neither nor my family didn’t suffer. I couldn’t mention all the good and positive things he has done for my life. Peace

  • Jennifer

    I just bought this video and it was wonderful.

  • Donna R

    I agree that everyone has their own opinion about John Denver regarding his music and his tireless effort to make the world a better place. Eleven years after his death his music is still as fresh and honest as ever. His energy to try to help humanity was endless! His life ended too quickly, as I’m sure he still had much to do. He is, no doubt, the brightest star in the sky!

  • kevin

    John Denver was an angel sent from God and since we did not know his value He took him away from us.

  • Tamira

    John Denver was such an extraordinary person. But, so many people could not see that until he was gone!!

  • Henry

    John Denver its an eagle in the sky right now…. i saw him yesterday.

  • Sharon Mills

    JNagarya, you are so wrong about John Denver. In fact, no one missed the mark, more than you. He never cared about the mundane things in life that you and I worry about. He was about more important things, like saving the planet and it’s wildlife. He cared about people, too. What great contribution have you given to the cause? None, I suspect. John said that if he comes back, it would be as an eagle. He said, “You can count on it”.

    Fly high, John…

  • Rick

    I met John on more than a few occasions and suffice to say…he was a terrific guy whose music will be listened to for generations to come. I told John once he reminded me of a musical Henry David Thoreau! He just laughed and said: I appreciate that….we do share the same first name!” Denver did things BEFORE it was cool to be involved. As for JNagarya…there are some people who don’t get it. Go figure. Don’t waste any time on him/her. To the swine you cannot throw a pearl.

  • P.J. Travis

    Is this video still avalible Le there be a voice If so how can I order it?

  • Bruce

    It took me months to cope with John’s passing and from the first, I turned back to his music and lyrics.
    Recently, I acquired one of his songbooks and was surprised to behold an entry he made to either a fan or fellow musician,

    “Books are for sharing with people you love, to give them the smiles that you got…smile a little smile for me. Love you madly, John”

    These are the thoughts of an unselfish person eager to share the joys of his gifts with others. No, he wasn’t perfect, but he gained much self-respect for not hiding his flaws in the public’s eye. All is forgiven, John.

    Far Out,


  • Howard

    re : JNagarya

    Sorry to burst your bubble here and leave you easy pickings. I don’t worship John Denver as a pseudo-god/prophet. I don’t even conveniently ignore his *ahem* less-than admirable behaviour.

    When music started to be less than just a noise, a succession of chords( etc ), when I wanted a voice, he was what I found. I liked both the ‘noise’ and the concept, and I believe it was consistent throughout his life.

    Sooo…………I’m not an activist, nor an obsessive, nor an apologist. It’s a great song(imo), and if you believe in what I presume he {iyo} ‘commercialised’ you might reflect on the fact that I’m even here, reading your words.

    Do you have a ‘voice’ that’s better than his, that can reach a greater audience ?

    mediocre is subjective btw – I assume you have a degree in Environmental Science AND in Music LOL

  • GC

    JNagarya – John Denver lent his name, time and money to helping out with an incredibly number of noble causes. I’d be keen to know how charitable you are. If your message is anything to go by, I suspect we already know the answer. Crawl back under your rock.

  • Ivy

    To all:
    I have also though that people were put on earth for a reason. John was put here to open our eyes and hearts to love. Love of all and for all. He was a gentle man, who had a great outlook on life. I may not have known him, but I do have a friend who did. Just like all of us he was human and made mistakes. Unfortunately, all too many people look at the negative things we ALL do and have a blind eye to the good things. John was a great man and taken from us too soon.

    He had so much more to do, but I feel he did make a great start. He was a great singer, composer, musician, father, son, brother and friend born. Born on December 31, 1943 and died on October 12, 1997.

    May his music be played forever and be heard by all.

  • Kim Schlimmer

    John Denver opened my eyes to a world that isn’t seen by a lot of people. Watching this video, you could see the excitement and true enjoyment John got from nature and his children. We all have skeletons in the closet, right JNagarya? The thing that I grasp on to with John, is he peaceful nature and love for all creatures, human or animal. Sometimes this world gets to be a big, scary, money hungry, materialistic environment and John let that go. I think that is why I treasure his music. I went to his wildlife tour in Milwaukee, WI back in the 80’s and was changed forever. I am going to go to Alaska this summer with John’s music right beside me. We need to start caring about what life is about and not about what life isn’t. Rest in peace my friend. You are forever missed and loved!

  • Cheryl

    John Denver was a truly great singer and songwriter and even after all these years I still have an ache in my heart for his loss,but fans like me will never forget what he brought to us and his music will live on long after we are called “home” I love you John!! Rest In Peace!!!!

  • Ambrose

    John Denver was not a god nor an angel.And that is fine. He was a man. He was a very special and unique man who cannot ever be replaced by anyone. Neither his amazing music. No one regrets his passing more than I have and no sane individual could embrace him and his music more than I have. One of the reasons God gave him to this world, was to see how we would respond to him as a spiritual test. I was borderline insane for him so many years…but I pulled through and I think i passed the test through the grace of God. For years I placed Denver before God and it took me years to realize or admit that. Now I place God first who saw fit to allow Denver to share his music with this world. Denver was an integral part of my spiritual growth in ways that even defy narration and God is above all!!!

  • Walker

    I like john denver just because he is one of the few who that actually sings good. His song, Thank god i am a country boy. it reminds me of my dog lewie who was a recent loss to our family. We went to Mammoth lakes California, every year with him, and we listened to that song. lewie was a 13 year old yellow lab.

  • Jimmy

    See a 1995 concert of John Denver brings back so many great memories of his music. It touched the hearts of my wife (now of 38 years) and me and we often sang along with him. I speak here of his music. Other areas of his life can be discussed by others.

  • David ball

    i like John Denver becuse of his music like John Denver let this be a voice i use to watch John Denver let this be a voice and it make me said becuse he is gone know

  • Tasha

    The other day I watched a Tribute to John & as I watched & Listened I couldn’t help but cry,just as I am now -W- tears flowing out my eye’s,how much I miss this man,one I never met but wish I knew,I find it almost impossible to listen to him sing,he sang -W- Love,Hear,Purpose,Feeling,Joy,to Me there was No doubt what he Loved or Believed in,I can’t think of anything I didn’t Like/Love about John,after I watched the show & ran out of tissues I took out my John Cd’s & watched close to everything I could find on UTube,Wanting so much to sing along,but tears were in my way,I thought of his kids and hope there doing ok,when I see birds flying up high,I take the time to Stop & Look at them,we All Are Stewards of our Planet & we All can do something to help,John was ahead of his time & tried to tell us,we don’t need to wait until it’s too late & I will do My part to do what I can to help,I Thank John for everything he gave,did while trying to give back to the world in his way,I’m Glad he was a Country Boy..I hope to one day go visit the place where he fell in love -w-,I so understand what that means esp when I don’t feel like I’m home where I am,I get that,I figure Colorado must be something Awesome to feel that way..
    Peace from CT

  • pedro

    john was and keep being the best singer in the world his songs will shine for ever and ever R I P or,live in peace

  • Alan007

    More Than anything sorry for my self…your not here with me….Miss you John~! Every time i was sad or had a need in my life i always found an answer in John or to say in his music…because i never met john But i knew him through his music and because of his music..He was at a Golf Pro and someone asked him about his music…he said i dont have a recording contract for my music rite now…The look on his face was one of True Hurt Feelings…. i miss what john Denver had for me next…Though the singer is silent there still is the truth in the song…i too cry when i listen to his music and hear what others feel about him…my family says i was or an obsessed so im not allowed to discuss him…i wished that Michael Jackson would have invited John to sing at we are the world since he had been singing in Africa for many years before that gang sent some money…maybe M.J. would not have been treated the same as it seems J.D. was…just a thought….i know like my father He Was A Good Man~! Alan S.

  • Chris from Connecticut

    WOW TASHA you said what I wanted to say! I have found myself in nature ever since I can remember..I have also been a MUSIC Lover ever since I can remember….
    when I first heard of John I was in Junior High and from the first moment there was an unbreakable connection and bond I cannot begin to tell you just how many lonely days and nights he has gotten me through how many tough times he has sung me through how many times I have shared his music and Lyrics that always seem to fit no matter what….
    Profound is truly an understatement. The world so truly misses his light, his beacon his dedication..
    I am a member of Trout Unlimited and think of the network connections with the Windstar foundation that could be helpful and benifical to us now and future generations…as we age we realize our mortality more who will be the stewards of our planet in 20 years?
    WHo will be the guardians of the water, protectors of the wetlands and waterways?
    Scarey thooughts!! Also suggest a visit and interlink with the MISSING PERSONS sites like peace4the missing.. they are trying so valiantly to help families and friends who have members and friends who have gone missing – it is a very real and painful dilemia for young children, adults and even our aging elderly one is immune..see also more silent screams out there needing voices for them in the darkness…..
    GOD BLESS ALL WHO LOVE and respect John for all that he was/IS and has done and is still doing !!!!!

  • Janice

    John Denver is awesome! His voice – his lyrics – his looks – I have always loved him and hope to meet him in Heaven!

  • Marie ( Australia)

    I first listened to John when I was 5 and recovering from childhood Cancer, “Sunshine On My Shoulders” and belief in Our Almighty Father pulled me through. Throughout my life both have been there to inspire me and give me a helping hand through prayer and John’s music. Yes, it has been almost 12 years since John’s passing, but we all know he has gone to a much better place where he belongs. On October 12, I will be lighting a candle and thinking of John. Hope you will join me in remembering him too. May his music continue to help us and get us through for another 30+ years. God Bless You All.

  • Just south of Colby, KS

    I’ve seen my dad cry twice: the first time was when Clinton was re-elected (haha everyone is entitled to their political opinion), and the second was when we found out John Denver died.

  • Rhonda

    I’m a true fan of John Denver. FRIENDS WITH YOU Band is a group of John Denver music fans who have brought me back to really hearing the words of his music. John was a poet and I really enjoyed his voice and his caring for our environment. Missing him still…RIP John!

  • Edith

    I first saw the Colorado Rockies when I was 20 in 1973 & realized what John meant by the Rocky Mountain High. It captured me, it awed me..I truly felt its splendor – it felt like home. I now vacation there as much as possible. It never ceases to take my breath away. I was numb when I heard of his death, a light left this world that day & there will never be another as bright. He was mother nature’s son & without question he was a child of God. He confirmed it in his music with an expression only he could put into words. His inner beauty, his heart that was always on his sleeve & we who loved him – got it. No one before could reach into your soul & give your minds eye a picture of what God has freely given each of us to enjoy, appreciate & to treasure for future generations, that was a talent all his own. I do not believe that we will ever be blessed to see another such as John. He lives & he flies freely now. I only wish that he had found the true love he so desired & sang about. In his song “Seasons of the Heart” he said that,”True love was the only dream I know”. How sad that the one who sang so beautifully of love never felt that he had ever found it. That saddens me most-he deserved to be loved that way. When he died, he was experiencing a big comeback in popularity & touring again. He said that he was happier than he had ever been. With that, I pray he was at peace & knew that many loved & admired the wonderful human being that he was & that we continue to miss him. Thanks to GOD for allowing him to be a part of this world & giving each of us a glimpse of this incredible Angel who left too soon. We will celebrate his life, music & legacy by sharing his talent & wisdom with all who follow. I look forward to seeing him in Heaven. Eternal peace & love to you, John & with heart felt thanks for expanding my awareness of the life all around us. We just have to stop, feel the “Sunshine on your Shoulders”, listen to the “Wind Song” in the trees, see the majesty of “Flying on the Wings of Eagles” & let the “Spirit” guide you. So, simple, but many never take the time to just stop.

  • Pooja Sharma

    hates off to such a great personality, first time came to know about his love to environment…

  • Janice

    John is still in my heart and mind as the greatest songwriter of our time! He was incredibly talented and beautiful inside and out! I do believe he found love, Edith, with Annie – just listen to his music! He always loved her and she obviously loved him as much! I know John is enjoying God’s love in Heaven right now and I am looking forward to meeting him there!

  • Edith

    Unfortunately, Janice, by the time he wrote Annie’s Song alot of damage had occurred in their marriage & after he wrote the song & played it for her; she only critized it(guitar out of tune, drums too loud)This is in his book “Take Me Home”. He was a virgin until he was 21 & married Annie at 23. She was his 1st love & they married before he made it big. Time apart took its toll & after severl separations called it quits. She asked for a divorce on their 15th anniversary. We all have special memories of our 1st love & probable keep a special place for that person, but it wasn’t true love. Before his death, they had become good friends again. Then, Cassadra was a real disaster for him. He was 45 & she was 28, his career had stalled & probably having a bit of a midlife crisis. She married him for his name, his money & made sure she had a child, really got her greedy nails into him – divorced after 3 or 4 yrs. She tried to have his adopted kids excluded from inheriting any of his forture because they were not biologically his. John was told that he was sterile that’s why he & Annie adopted, so even if the child by his 2nd marriage was or wasn’t his, he probably would not have loved Jessie Belle any less. He wasn’t perfect & had problems. Regardless, he brought great joy to many & shared his beautiful songs with all of us who came to love this man – this fragile human being that was more like us than we realized.

  • Laura Dean

    As was my habit, I always started my day with John Denver songs. October 9, 1997 was no different as I went into the hospital for a test for my heart. Unfortunately, the doctor told me, “You have to stay here and in the morning we will operate.” It was a surprise as I felt fine.

    So on October 10, I had heart surgery and died. My family was told that they were doing everything they could, but were having problems getting my heart to start beating again. Obviously, I came back and while I was in ICU, John died. My children told the nurses not to let me know, so I didn’t know for a week. Like everyone else that loved him and his music, I was devastated. Such a great loss to us all.

    I’m still listening to his music and introducing his music and his beliefs to my grand-children.

  • Kate Sommerville

    I loved his music from the early 70’s and still do. He will forever symbolise for me the idealism of those youthful times.

  • robert powell

    GOD is LOVE. HE created the universe. John really understood this simple yet complex truth. Praise God. I really loved John’s message. Praise John.

  • Fran Irish

    A priest or a minister are not God, but they speak of Him and try to get thru to people, what is expected in order to save their soul’s. They are just human beings. Now John Denver also was just a human being, B U T he had a quality about him that he was overly aware of our Earth and nature and how, by not caring for it, we could lose it. Look at Global Warming. People ignore it yet get on the internet and you will find out that much is going on with all the ice melting and how it will affect all of us evenually. John was a wonderful singer and his ability to write some of his own music and make us aware of our planet earth, was a wake up call to us. He was just like everyone else, he hurt, laughed, cried, enjoyed the outdoor’s, and yet his unfailing concern for mankinds disregard for protecting the enviroment was always in high gear and he tried to make others aware of it too, thru his music. He was one of a kind, to do what he tried to do. I think, in his way, God was maybe working thru him and his talent. Regardless, he was a rare talent and left us all with lovely music. May he truly rest in peace. Lets let his songs be a source of enjoyment and to those who want to say negative things, well remember what the bible says, “Take the rock out of your own eye, before trying to take the sliver out of somebody else’s.”

  • Annie

    After all these years I still miss him. I can only wonder what songs he would have written about todays world, 911, the earthquakes in Haiti, the war in Iraq, etc.
    John you are in my heart and forever living their!!

  • Doug Spaeth

    The higher we fly, the farther we go
    The darker the night, the brighter the stars
    In peace go my sisters and brothers…
    We love John Denver and his family.
    Blessings to you all,
    Doug Spaeth, Austin, Texas


    JNagarya la persona que comentó al principio es un ignorante e irrespetuoso con el gran músico , poeta y activista John Denver, al decir ese comentario el llega a ser el mediocre.
    El legado musical y personal de John Denver perdurará a través del tiempo y las culturas.
    Descansa en paz John.

  • Eva

    I just need to write this tonight as my daughter, and grand daughters lay sleeping on a visit for the summer, we were Youtubing tonight, and my daughter had some thing about “grandma’s feather bed” John Denver was always a favorite in our home, and in mine and her life… Flash ahead these years, John is gone, the baby and a 10 year old are sweet, loved, and thought of… But my heart goes back to an evening when my own sweet little girl listened and loved John Denver with her mommy, I miss that time, I miss that music, and I thank God for those wonderful memories when I hear his tunes…Peace….indeed.

  • Eli

    i think people today who are in their teens are missing out on so much! John Denver has influenced my life so much! His music is amazing and he really had a true love for nature! i am only in my late teens but the only reason i know of john denver is because i have been to the lodge that john denver was going to buy before he died in 1997 and his love for nature is amazing! if you would like to see pictures go to

  • marty

    When John died a part of me died too. I miss him every day!!

  • Lee Stevens

    I met John outside a music store in New York City while we both were window shopping guitars at a music store across from Lincoln Center in New York City.We hit it off and became friends shared some meals. He was bright optimistic gracious friendly and we chirped out “Far Out” it lit up a room.He loved Colorado and the natural environment and that love was genuine.He worked hard at his music and he was gifted. I greatly admire and respect what he accomplished.He wanted me to come up to Colorado and visit him and I promised I would always thinking there would be plenty of time to do so.Alas such is life .Whenever I think of him I am inspired and a smile comes to my face.Well Im going to keep my promise.I bought a guitar and am learning a Deutschendorf tune , heck I might even try yodeling but fortunately for you gentile readers it will be me and the Aspen trees.

  • John Tucson, AZ

    I also am a fan of our friend. Coming from a family of a musican, life on the road is hard. I to miss John and I am ashamed of the devowering of a great musican by the music industry. We as fans have very little idea of all the appointments and meet and greets. I had the amazing oppurtunity to meet John and his father in Tucson. What an honor for me. Perhaps Love was my first opera album ever and much cherrished.
    My father drove semi for 32 years and said he related to comming home to here what’s the latest thing the nieghbors say. We named our second son Mathew and have been so proud we did.
    In an interview, John said,” we don’t need to save the would all on our own, just do our part!!!” I have tried faithfull to be a responsible steward of my foot print and teach the next generation. Please join all of us. It does not requier any extra effort at all.
    In closing, I would like to thank Ron and Annie for always being their. Love to you both, LATER

  • shelley

    john denver was a good person who respected nature and animals. when he died the world lost a good man that cared about everybody and everything. we need more people like john denver.

  • Brian Gates

    After watching “Let this be a Voice” My wife & I arranged a holiday in the US. Inspired by John, we had a week trail riding in the Rocky Mountains, then a week in Alaska, including 5 days at Little Mulchatna lodge. I wish I had John’s talent for expressing my feelings about staying in such beautiful, majestic places. It wasn’t an inexpensive holiday, but I would recommend the experience to anyone.
    When we were aranging the trip, we said it would be a “Once in a lifetime” event, But we’ve fallen in love with both places & really wish to return one day.
    R.I.P. John

  • yaz101

    he was truly an inspiration

  • Ann

    God took one of earth’s voices away 13 years ago….He must’ve had better and more important plans for John….not a day goes by that I don’t think of you John…both you and my Dad….you spoke up when others were afraid and when it wasn’t “cool” to speak for the earth and for the hungry….God-speed John. I miss you every day. You and my Dad took a part of my heart when you left . Peace my friend.

  • Maria Elena

    John was a beautiful man. His voice, songs, beliefs, faults, energy, highs and lows, everything together made up a truly remarkable person. I believe he grew to be one of the most loved and hated people on the earth. His ideas were not revolutionary, but they were honest and true to humanity. As he used to say,” we are all one,” not so different as we once thought. If we can come together we can do marvelous things. Things he worked for, like The Hunger Project, The Windstar Foundation, The Wildlife Conservation Society, etc. are good causes for any person on this planet to support. Instead of bashing each other for our differences, why can’t we come together to work for the greater good? Learn to live as John lived; learn from our mistakes, and make the world a better place.

  • Denise Jensen

    Will we see this on DVD soon??????????? I certainly HOPE SO!!!!!

  • b.biggs

    Saw the post from Annie, wondering about. I’ve wondered about John Denver & Lewis Grizzard, what they would have to say about the mess we are in, things folks have survived, etc, etc., also.

    So miss my favorite people. John & Lewis were two of them. Both prolific wordsmen. Just came up with that one. Simply seemed to fit each.

    Sorry some totally MISSED the mark, failed to understand/hear/listen to the beautiful words John sang. Not only that, he gave 110% each time he performed, wherever he was. John left this world, much better, through his work, efforts & was one beautiful human being!! THANK YOU JOHN.


  • 11-7-10 Joanne Estrada

    John was such a intuitive, spiritual, caring and loving human being. If you listen to his lyrics and the depth of
    emotion in many of his songs one would understand why so many of us still love him and his music today and why we miss him so. The thing is, if people only knew just how good his music is instead of believing that the music that was so well know (although fabulous

    The sad thing about these people who dislike John Denver so much is that they for some reason, do not realize that he was so much more than his most popular music (however, that music was great!). As most of us fans
    know he could not get his new music heard or played on the radio. Personally, I think Weintraub had something to do with that since John fired him. It is the only reason why I can think of. Since he couldn’t get new music heard he devoted himself to the environment even more as well as educating people on the envirnment and animals ecosystems, etc.. Also he continued to try to better understand himself , develop more deeply his spirituality, relationships , his shortcomings, his children and to make himself a true global citizen, trying to better relationships between peoples from all over and so much more! He could of remained an idol uncaring human being, could have basked in the money he made and done nothing with himself. But he didn’t !!! He was generous with his money, time and self. Not to shabby a person, not a perfect person BUT a good one who kept trying. I’ll take that man and his wonderful music anyday! I miss him terrible and may he rest in true peace.

  • Mark brockman

    Reading all the posts here is heart warming. JD was human and flawed as we all are, but still he touched many. I believe he felt strongly about all he talked and sang about . He is one reason as an artist (painter) I paint what I do today and always have. JD, as well as my late brother, also a singer and musician, prompted me to learn to play an intrament at the age of 55. Many may not agree with JD or think much of his music and that is thier right, he was no God or saint and at times maybe wasn’t all that nice, but then who is? Just the same he had a message for those who were, and still are, willing to hear.

  • John Harmon

    Just reading all the messages, while listening to John’s “John Denver I Want to live album”. Such beautiful meaningful music from the heart. Just recently returned from an all but too short trip to Colorado. From the first time I ever traveled there, I could feel what John felt about his beautiful state. Being from coastal Texas, I long for the day I will be in Colorado for good! I was fortunate to have attended many of John’s concerts here in Texas. I wish that I had been able to sit and talk with him in person. We had so much in common. We miss him not only for his music; but perhaps, more for what he gave to humanity. In todays world we desperately need John. To a FRIEND I never met in person: but knew so very well. See you one day down the road John!

  • Janet in Cedar Creek

    Today, I will be on my way to a Jim Cooper concert who sings and looks like John Denver, I am told. It has been 30 years since I saw John Denver in concert, but I have followed his music all this time. It took me longer than 26 years to visit Colorado, but when I did, John’s songs were all around me. I can see why he fell in love with it. I think of him often and his caring words for the earth (before it was hip and hype) as I walk along our Texas property and drive down country roads.

  • George in NJ

    John Denver was all that is right in this world. He was a real person with real flaws and a real heart that loved this earth and this country. He was not perfect, but did not claim to be, he wore his heart on his sleeve and if we had more Johns in this world it would be a better place. We miss you John!

  • Julianna

    Love You John ~

  • Ree

    It would be appreciated if Nature “Let This Be A Voice” be available on DVD or aired again, as it is a timeless program portraying the environment and wildlife of the Wild West – the scenary is amazing. I ran across this program through Youtube one night.

    John Denver was a wonderful host for this program – being a native of the western states. It gave his perspective and offers an inside tour of what he has experienced or what one could hope to experience someday. Definitely sparked my interest.

    During John’s career, he has made many contributions to the environment and wildlife programs and has been acknowledged and commended by the President of the United States and many other world leaders. John was a human being and a gifted artist who contributed much to our world by music and programs to help make our world a better place.

    I hope John’s contributions during his lifetime do not lay dormant in a music/film vault and go extinct – let his music and programs live on. It is a shame how his music has been “extinct” on the radio all these years – as he had much to share about life in which we all could relate too.

  • Joanne Estrada

    I couldn’t agree more with Ree. His music is still so relevant today. Perhaps if we, who love John Denver ,stood up and requested more of his music, specials, etc. interest would be renewed. A request to his manager, family or even Annie to release some of his works might be possible. As fans let us at least STAND UP and try to get him heard again! JD fans unite!!

  • Pauline Macaloney

    Joanne Estrada you’ve said it for all of us who still remember and Love John Denver for who is was I wish too a request for his music and specials to be released again for us and our young people to see what he shared in his music for all of us and what he and Annie believed in to make the world a better place.

  • Jon Johnson

    We possibly could have traveled the far-out-est to get to this awesome show. I have been married for 30+ years to the consummate John Denver fan, and fittingly, I and our 2 children have grown to love his music and life’s work. I surprised my wife over the phone in her classroom with the news that I had been able to secure tickets to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame Induction and Tribute Concert for John Denver. Before she got home I was able to secure plane tickets, car rental, and hotel for our Rocky Mountain High excursion. The timing was great for us: she is still teaching and her spring break was the week of the concert. We drove 150+ miles from western North Carolina to Atlanta and then flew 1200 miles to the Denver Airport. Everywhere we went in and around Denver, the people were the greatest. Our only regret was that there wasn’t a printed program with all the participants listed; and no mention of a DVD to be published. Please advise if either is available. At 61 years young, this was the “far-out-est” I have been in about 40 years.

  • Steve Weisberg

    I played in John’s band from 1973-77. Whether you love or hate the music matters not to me. I AM here to tell you that his message was absolutely sincere, and that John Denver simply couldn’t be bought by any commercial interests. He turned down his own TV series, because it just wasn’t him. He said (and sang) exactly what he felt needed to be said. He recorded songs later in his career that he knew would be less widely received than ‘love songs’. But he actually believed we could end world hunger. He actually believed we could transform this world, one person’s actions at a time. So he insisted on spreading that hope, knowing that a call to action would run many ‘easy listeners’ off much faster than ‘commercial’ songs. Sorry, JNagarya; John cared more about the environment than anyone I ever met. So you didn’t like his music? No problem. But please don’t feign to have known the man inside. You weren’t there with him.

  • Evelyn McGee

    After all the years since John Denver’s death, he is still a cherished singer, entertainer, human being to me.
    I was lucky enough to see him once, and it was a marvelous performance. I could have sat there all night
    long enjoying him. It so saddened me to hear of his death. There will never be another like him. I still play
    his music and enjoy it as much as ever. Anyone who didn’t love him and his music just isn’t very smart.

  • Ron Cobb

    John Denvers music has had a profound effect on my life in many ways. I saw his Austin concert just a week or so before his death. The lyrics of his music were straight from his heart. His expressions of love were as profound as his love for the mountains . I believe his life and music were inspired by God and for that we are all blessed. I really believe the song, Rocky Mountain High, personifies humankinds fervent desire to be closer to God. John Denvers music and spirit will live forever.

  • carolyn

    Hi Steve, I haven’t written to you lately, but I was wondering what you have been up to. I’ll e-mail you. I wanted to say thank you for writing this comment. I just saw this online. You are great as always. God Bless. I’m so glad I’ve come to know all of you.
    Steve Weisberg says: quote
    July 28, 2011 at 7:52 pm
    I played in John’s band from 1973-77. Whether you love or hate the music matters not to me. I AM here to tell you that his message was absolutely sincere, and that John Denver simply couldn’t be bought by any commercial interests. He turned down his own TV series, because it just wasn’t him. He said (and sang) exactly what he felt needed to be said. He recorded songs later in his career that he knew would be less widely received than ‘love songs’. But he actually believed we could end world hunger. He actually believed we could transform this world, one person’s actions at a time. So he insisted on spreading that hope, knowing that a call to action would run many ‘easy listeners’ off much faster than ‘commercial’ songs. Sorry, JNagarya; John cared more about the environment than anyone I ever met. So you didn’t like his music? No problem. But please don’t feign to have known the man inside. You weren’t there with him.

  • Vivi

    Still cant believe he is gone, love his music

  • mark

    Denver voice and music stir a pathos about creation and human passion.

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    MEDIOCRE????? Denver is also the 3rd highest selling artist in American history – behind only Elvis and Michael Jackson!!!!!! Not really MEDIOCRE to me!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • perez de vargas estepona

    I have been fortunate to live in Italy (serving in the US Air Force). My wife and I are raptor photographers on the side, and we’ve been blessed with seeing MANY different eagles… Short-toed Snake Eagles, Greater Spotted Eagles, Golden Eagles, Booted Eagles, Tawny Eagles, Stellar Sea Eagles, American Bald Eagles,Spanish Imperial/Eastern Imperial Eagles, Bataleur Eagles, African Fish Eagles and Steppe/Lesser Spotted Eagles. With exception to Golden, Short-toed Snakes and Greater Spotted Eagles, the above were seen at aviary centers (namely Burg Landskrom, and Burg Guttenberg in Austria and Germany, respectively.) It’s a blessing to see these creatures in real life and then captured on a show like this. Thank you so much PBS for educating all of us on these magnificant creatures!

  • John marcial

    Thanks for this great post on Denver, much appreciated and he’ll always be remembered.

  • Margaret Churchill

    John Denver is and always will be a great part of my life. As an Animal Reiki Master I have felt this amazing energy that comes through Reiki…..Universal Energy. I am convinced that John is very much ‘with us’ still in energy form: in the energy of his music, the energy of nature and the reliving of his good works . Keeping his memory alive allows his connection through our hearts to continue. With the Shift now getting closer (Dec. 21, 2012) his thoughts and messages come through even stronger. We are in for a glorious ride! The change has been coming about for a very long time now. Blessings to John for his incredible uplifting spiritual messages and ongoing love of Nature. It is with much appreciation and gratitude that I thank him for all that he has done for this world. May his spirit live on.

  • Audrey Sigmon

    During the dark periods of my life, I always found solice in John Denvers’ music, and still do.His crystal voice and heartfelt words are timeless. Thank you so much. R.I.P.

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