Living Edens: The Lost World

Living Edens: The Lost World – Venezuela’s Ancient Tepuis explores a remote corner of the world — a land that time forgot.

“The eighth wonder of the world.” “An exotic, other-worldly landscape.” “It’s unlike anywhere else on Earth.” To explore it is to “walk on the moon.” The ancient tepuis of Venezuela, with their gravity-defying rock formations, thundering falls, and singular flora and fauna, deserve every note of praise and wonder they receive. Hailed as the land that time forgot, this virtually unexplored corner of South America hides record-breaking and breathtaking landscapes and evolutionary marvels.

NATURE’s The Lost World will take you to the very heart of a world that precious few have visited. Still only marginally explored, it has inspired several books, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous The Lost World, and remains a source of awe and humility for all who visit it. This land of incredible beauty and abundance, of harrowing rides and deadly climbs, harbors a journey you will never forget — and a story millions of years in the making.

Online content for Living Edens: The Lost World – Venezuela’s Ancient Tepuis was originally posted September 2003.

  • YC Chang

    Dear PBS: It will be very appreciated if someday you will rebroadcast this program. It is such a mystery and beautiful place in the world. Thank you very much !

  • Jerry Van Slambrook

    I just returned from a trip where I got to experience Angel Falls up close & personal. I would love to purchase a copy of this program. Will a DVD be made available to the public?
    December 3, 2010.

  • maria martinez

    I found the video!!
    you can buy it on -

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