Moment of Impact
Photo Caption Challenge


A hungry basilisk lizard is about to capture a blue morpho butterfly

Somewhere in Central America, a blue morpho butterfly is perched on a rock. Because the morpho is surrounded by water, you might think it’s safe, but the basilisk lizard has a neat trick. (Hint: It’s also sometimes called the “Jesus lizard.”) See what happens in Moment of Impact: Part 2 – Jungle, premiering Sunday, April 11, 2010.

What’s really going on in this picture? Submit your caption suggestions in the comments field below.

  • Kea

    Well you say he’s a Jesus lizard. Hmmmmm… does he walk on water maybe???

  • Joe Hernandez

    Leapin’ lizards! You aren’t morphin out of this one!

  • michael f. pichette

    I am 100% positive it’s trick is that it can run on water..To catch prey and to escape from being eaten..

  • Wallinski

    Basilisk lizard can walk on water (well, actually, not walk. But they can run) I learned that when I was about 5 from a Magic School Bus game! XD

  • elliott

    the basilisk is showing the butterfly the RIGHT way to do “the runnin’ man” during the breakdown in “can’t touch this” by mc hammer.

  • nomi

    its the basilisk lizard’s defense to run away from their predators

  • Tracy B

    Lizard: “Can’t…… stop……running”
    Butterfly: “Omfph!”

  • Brenda

    Feelin’ blue? Just wait a sec……

  • David

    “Eating on the run”

  • Diane

    Morpho: I’ve got to stop dreaming in IMAX 3-D!

  • Don

    Butterfly is perched on some rotting fruit I think.

  • brian s

    Lunch Time!!!

  • Janet

    Lizard took a lick and jumped back

  • susan

    “… oh man, your breath!!!”

  • Kerry

    Dragon? Non-sense… There hasn’t been a dragon in these parts for yeeEEEAAAARS!

  • Janez

    Beautiful butterfly: Man, this rotten fruit taste so good!!!!
    Lizard running across water: Man, that butterfly is going to taste so good!!!!!!
    Motto: Don’t get so caught up in eating that you become the eaten.

  • Dean

    “Endangered species or not…he’s lunch! I’m going way-too fast to stop nowwwww! Gulp!”

  • Ganesh

    I think she is tooooo hungry…………..

  • LilBastid

    “You still owe me fifty bucks for the make-over!”

  • Morgan

    Who’s hungry!

  • jovito

    I don’t care what will happen…..he’s my launch now!.grrrrr!

  • Ian Jake

    The water walking lizard!!!!He’s going to eat the butterfly!,,hurry blue butterfly! soon you will become his food!!,,,,.fly! hurry!!

  • jason

    No choice!!!! fly away!

  • Christian

    “Run to live”

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