My Life as a Turkey
Video: A Grasshopper Run

In this scene from My Life as a Turkey, naturalist and “turkey mom” Joe Hutto joins his three-month-old turkey chicks on a grasshopper hunt in the Florida Flatlands.

  • Jessie

    What a WONDERFUL world we live in !

  • Judy

    Dude! There’s a huge spider on your hat! Oh, wait: not any more!

    This was adorable.

  • Linda K

    FYI Adode flash no longer works for mobile video! Need to adopt html5 solution fast. Cannot view this on the iPhone 4 (AT&T).

  • Robin

    This will be my first Thanksgiving as a a vegetarian. I was wondering how I could get through the day without turkey. Getting to know and appreciate these birds is the perfect way to get me over the holidays with my morals regarding animals intact. Thanks for the great timing! Happy Thanksgiving turkeys!

  • Trish

    I raised turkey as a teen; I love them! Conversely, I’m terrified of grasshoppers. Can’t wait to see this, set my alarm on my phone so I wont miss it.

  • Sue

    Only on PBS! What a wonderful show so looking forward to Wednesday night. Thanks for this type of programing. We are long time supporters and this is just one of many reasons why.

  • Geoff


  • Joseph TheBull

    Pathetic…i love animals but this dude is a weirdo

  • Sumisu chan

    What a great journey this man traveled with these wild turkeys. I didn’t get to see all 60 minutes, but the 40 I did see had me entranced. He was willing to ‘be’ a turkey and learn from them. So often we try to dumb down animals and miss their wisdom. – I’ll still eat turkey for Thanksgiving, but it will be with more respect to their wild cousins that started the trend.- Mr. Hutto, I saw the tenderness in your eyes. I wish you peace and fond remembrance.

  • Kathy

    This was one of the best and most moving stories I have ever seen. I am envious of Joe’s experience. Animals have so much to teach us humans. We are not as intelligent as we think we are…

  • ed

    why didn’t you leave in the video where the “bear” hutto bites the head off the grasshopper and eats it? i was going to share the vid on fb, but you left out the best part.

  • Wil Biddy

    ‘Tis a rare thing when such a gifted, talented man is eloquentlly qualified to produce such a story…a rarity and the true epitome of Christian living.

  • Mark Damohn

    Hello: I am trying to find contact information for Joe Hutto. I write children’s books about Florida. I would enjoy collaborating with him on writing a children’s book about his adventure as a turkey mom. Any help would be most appreciated. Mark Damohn

  • Harriet Kelly

    After seeing the promo’s for this show, I could hardly wait to see it. I was not disappointed. It was absolutely wonderful. The photography was outstanding. Beautifully done.
    Thank you PBS once again.

  • LRose

    Robin, Congrats on becoming vegetarian! I have been vegetarian for almost 9 years now and I can’t imagine life any other way! You asked about how to get through Thanksgiving without eating Turkey. My husband and I (we are both vegetarians) make our own Thanksgiving meal with non-meat gravy, vegetarian stuffing (which sometimes has meat base in it), and by baking some type of a turkey substitute. We usually buy the “Tofurkey Feast.” It is quite good, and some meat-eating friends of ours were also surprised by the taste. Of course, it doesn’t taste like real turkey meat, but it is good in it’s own right, especially with gravy and mashed potatoes. I am pretty sure that the Tofurkey brand does not use any GMO soy, so that is great.

    If you do not cook your own dinner and are going to a relative’s for a family get together, you have to avoid the turkey, the gravy (unless you make your own vegetarian one), and possibly the stuffing. Other that that, you just have to ask what the ingredients are in other dishes if you are not sure. This is what we do. You may not end up with a ton on your plate, but you’ll get used to it! In the end what really matters is your compassion and that you are living a life that you feel upholds your morals, not to “fit in” with what the majority of people do. If someone asks you during dinnertime why you are a vegetarian I would recommend to say, “For many reasons, but we probably shouldn’t talk about it while you eat. I will be happy to talk with you after dinner.” Ruining someone’s Thanksgiving meal is not going to make them happy, lol!

    Good luck, I hope this helps a little! Have a wonderful first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian!

  • Sazure

    I have always felt that all life forms have their own form of intelligence (how else could they survive). This beautifully done program shows that we humans need to get out of our narcissism and realize this. (I have a back ground in biology, pre vet and psychology and stick to my “guns” lol)

  • cool

    cool lol trolllllll

  • Jeannii Colbourne

    U are a true human being in every sense of the word, committed to the plight & struggle of every animal on this earth & the imagination of a true artist . I salute u for being able to walk a mile or 10 in another’s shoes.
    It would be wonderful if u could consider making such a docu/ film in Asia where animal husbandry is almost non existent much else their welfare . It would act as an eye opener to the fact that animals too feel pain, need water & food to survive.
    Much better than anything Hollywood has to offer .Thank u Joe.

  • Lester Guyse

    A wonderful story, but the ending where the turkey attacked Joe for no obvious reason, left me completely baffled. Did I miss something? Please explain this behavior if possible.

  • lisa

    @ lester:

    On the home page of the “nature” show, there is a q & a link (same link at top and right of this page) with Joe which helps to explain some behaviors as well as how the show was created. From what I understand, male turkeys begin to show aggression at maturity and will act out in such ways as depicted on the video. Joe explains that there was a bit more to the story about the young male that attacked him.

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