Ocean Giants
Video: On the Hunt for Herring

Watch a scene from the PBS Nature film, Ocean Giants.

Killer whales use a herding call to cause discomfort and confusion for a school of herring, making the fish easy targets for a meal. (Video limited to U.S. & Territories.)

  • Manny Patel

    Great program! Alas, I missed most of the first hour. Is it ever going to be repeated in the future?

  • MK

    Ocean Giants, the animals and the film, truly merit the overused adjective: AWESOME! What a gift to humans to see these wondrous creatures. Wish we could learn from them; could protect our oceans and planet instead of destroying them. From 300,000 of one species to only 10,000 left: simply intolerable. Thank you , thank you, thank you, for this beautiful film. Hope it is rebroadcast, as I missed the first 45 minutes.

  • Rose

    Why are the experts calling the Orca a “whale”?

  • fultonk

    Hi Manny, The series is set to re-air starting with Hour 1 on March 28. Hours 2 and 3 will air the following two Wednesdays. Check local listings. Immediately following rebroadcast, the series will be available online for a limited time.

  • Caroline

    I love this series but I miss Attenborough’s voice…nothing can beat him to narration. I don’t get the American English dubbing thing…I mean the British don’t dub over our shows…why? As a child I understood Thomas the Tank, so what’s the deal?

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