Outback Pelicans
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“Outback Pelicans” looks into the mystery of a mass-migration of pelicans to the Australian outback, one of the driest places on the hottest and driest continent on the planet. In years of heavy rainfall, dried-up river beds fill with water and flow inland to create an oasis in the scorching heart of the desert. Abandoning the sea, pelicans leave their coastal homes and journey more than a thousand miles inland to Lake Eyre to feast on an abundance of fish and brine shrimp. The bounty of the lake provides a perfect place to breed and raise their families, even in the middle of one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. But much about their lives and their journey remains a mystery that researchers are only now beginning to unravel. Buy the DVD. This film premiered March 27, 2011.

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  • Nancy

    I was fascinated with this program. I can’t get these shows on direct tv, so I rely on your newsletters
    so I can watch your shows on my computer.

  • Karina

    Great show again! What an interesting comparison of habitat health and outcomes for the same species!

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