River of No Return
Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Map

At close to 2.4 million acres, the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness is protected under the Central Idaho Wilderness Act that was passed by U.S. Congress in 1980. This area of Idaho wilderness is where Isaac and Bjornen Babcock spent their year-long honeymoon in the PBS Nature film, River of No Return. A map of The Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness:

Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Map

Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Map

  • Sean

    For many years, my best friend, his father and I have flown into the backcountry landing strips located throughout the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area for backpacking adventures. Each summer we spend 10 days exploring, fishing, backpacking and recharging the batteries of our mental health while in this spectacular region, hosted by the wolves, bear and elk. We’ve experienced hikes that test what a person is made of, world class trout fishing and scenery rivaling in beauty any outdoor recreation area in the world. I cannot claim to have travelled the world, but for my money there is no place I’d rather come back to year after year than the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area.

  • Catherine H

    I just watched this new episode of “Nature”….the footage was amazing. I always enjoy seeing “all things wild”; watching the different animals in this wilderness is beautiful. Thank you to everyone responsible for bringing another hour of the wonders of Nature in to my home for me to enjoy.

  • Johnny bartsch

    I might be able to help the women in the program with her arthritis.
    Thanks johnny

  • Ann Lyman

    Thank you for another amazing program that takes us all away from reality tv to the beauty of the real world. Let’s keep preserving our precious wild lands and limit development!

  • Jean Bond

    I just saw this-suppose it was a repeat. It made me wish that I were 40 years younger, so that I might possibly attempt a shorter (much) trek through this fabulous wilderness myself!
    My only question is, “what did they eat during their long adventure ?” A little glimpse would have been nice.
    Thanks for a beautiful piece.

  • mickey grimes

    thanks for the wilderness program of river of no return. great job! I hope the lady was able to get help with her joints.

  • Gail Gray

    I am so happy I watched PBS last night. It was a joy to watch the Frank Church River of no Return Wilderness Area. I did not know such a place existed. I have visited all 50 States but I missed this beautiful area. I love mountains and I thought I had seen every beautiful mountain but I was wrong – I do hope to see this area soon. Thank You PBS for showing nature’s beauty and Thank You Idaho for preserving this area for all to enjoy. ( And Thank You to the wonderful couple for filming their honeymoon)

  • Bill Doyle

    Our cat Callie and I watched the Nature program of the national preservation Frank Church – River of No Return and neither Callie nor I could take our eyes off the beauty & nature of this special preserved land. Interesting how domesticated animals some how know or recognize nature, their natural habitat. Great program and even better to have this land preserved even if few of us get to see it.

  • Amy H

    I have been to Idaho many times and never knew about this area. Looks beautiful. I am an avid Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness traveler. I would love to explore this area. I am in good shape, but have never done completely rugged backpacking. Would this be an adventure I could handle? Are there different areas for different skill levels? Thanks for the excellent program!

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