River of No Return
Video: This Unexplained Companion

A pack of wolves isolates an injured elk on a ridge in Idaho’s River of No Return Wilderness. Then, something remarkable happens. A companion appears and puts herself between the wolves and the injured elk.

Watch video from the PBS Nature film, River of No Return.

  • Richard

    beautiful..touching..never to be forgotten video

  • Toni L.

    Nature’s mysteries are unveiled the more we look. The ability for care, compassion, even love is not limited to us hairless primates. Perhaps it is not as Hobbesian a world as we thought?

  • Cindy

    Very moving. Animals can an do feel compassion and loyalty toward each other – maybe even more than we do!

  • ipeqi

    Why is there such a surprised notion surrounding nonhumans showing affections, etc. What ever we think makes us exclusively human is actually around long before humans evolved. And this is most like a mother and injured daughter elk.

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