Siberian Tiger Quest
Video: Alone with Tigers

Watch a scene from Siberian Tiger Quest:

Filmmaker Sooyong Park spent more than five years searching for Siberian tigers in Russia’s north eastern forests. His technique was unconventional, but produced over a thousand hours of wild tiger footage that told the story of a three-generation tiger dynasty. In this scene from Siberian Tiger Quest, Park discusses the emotional challenges that come with filming the natural world in extreme isolation for long periods of time.

  • Marion Menna

    Pure poetry — thank you for bringing it into my world – that moment with the tiger and the man

  • Nicole Smith

    Truly a great piece. Brings the reality of poaching to the forefront. I wish there were more ways to prevent this terrible slaughter of beautiful animals. They are an important part of the eco system, and are being eliminated for greed.

  • Saloon Singer

    There was a link to an article from about a hermit who lived in the same area as a tiger. The tiger killed him because they were competing for the same game. When the man’s body was found it looked like a basket of laundry that had been thrown all over the ground. When tigers are around the forest becomes very still. Only the actual prey are unaware of the tiger’s presence.

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