Snowflake: The White Gorilla
Photo Gallery: Bronx Zoo Gorilla Forest

Photos courtesy of The Bronx Zoo

  • Kimberly

    Wonderful photos !

  • heather

    the snowflake gorilla, which is rare, isnt in this collection, but i wish i could have seen it with my own eyes before it passed away.

  • historybandit

    To heather:
    I don’t appreciate how you called Snowflake “it.” It’s as if he’s an object to just stare at.

  • Matt Redmond

    Great pics, especially the one on the middle-right(Triska&Suki). Suki stares as if she did something wrong :)

  • James S. Rousonelos

    Wonderful, very touching photos of these very maternal, majestic creatures! It is so hard to believe, and heartbreaking that pouching of these animals, who are ancestors, stills exists in Africa! Harsh penalties and equivalent human prison sentences
    should be enforced in such criminal acts of murder and violence! Thanks for giving me and my wife the pleasure of being able to appreciate these phenomenal pictures!

  • landon

    i think yall are all nutty

  • yolanda hunter

    the fact of the matter is that snowflake would not have lasted that long in the wild he lived a life like a king whats so sad about that he was beatiful1

  • michelle

    i did no in life there was a white gorilla but are they nice

  • jabrei

    ~ white gorillas are so cute but blacks gorillas are so ugly ~ lol

  • daniela

    the pictures were great it made me think more about gorillas in a very different way!

  • Rupesh Maratha

    some wounders of the nature

  • Marlene

    The fact is that everybody talks about the gorillas but very little is being done to take care of the gorillass. When we saw the episode of Snowflake we were thrilled with his story and that of his favorite granddaughter . everybody should know about this!

  • Cheryl Lee

    I was a young Australian dancer in my 20’s when I met ‘Snowflake” at the zoo in Barcelona. He spun my world in one look. I hold very dear that moment in time when I moved myself to the front of the dozens of people to see him in his own space. I felt his immense energy and authority as he occupied himself ignoring the mere mortals. The moment he turned his head and looked me straight in the eye spun my world…brilliant blue eyes and immense strength and beauty stared into my soul and I couldn’t move. I still remember it almost 40 years later and I am glad to have shared that special moment with him. It came as no surprize that years later he appeared at my breakfast table in a newspaper to let me know he was leaving. I will never forget him.

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