The Gorilla King
Photo Caption Challenge

gorilla foot

A mountain gorilla foot.
Photo by Simon de Glanville © Tigress Productions

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“…and this little gorilla went ‘Weeeeeeee weee wee!’ all the way up the mountain!”
– Megan, Muskegon, MI

“Footloose and Fancy Free”
– Barbara Hurt, Rockwall, TX

“STOP – in the name of love!”
– Marie, Cleveland, OH

“Pumicestone, followed by a rich lotion.”
– ASB, Cambridge, MA

“Raise the roof!”
– Alex, Boston, MA

“Go ahead–tickle it–I dare you!”
– Barbara Larkin, Columbia, MO

“I sorta like this global warming!”
– Eric Rupert, Klamath Falls, OR

“I am this many!”
– Susen, Cicero, NY

“That’s one small step for ape, one giant leap for ape-kind.”
– Jim Warthman, Phoenix, AZ

“Talk to the hand!”
– MM Gagne, Pacifica, CA

“Give me five down low.”
– Loretta Goclowski, Sacramento, CA

“The perils of a vegetation hangover.”
– Andrew, Seattle, WA

The original caption submission period ended in May 2008, but you can still upload captions using the comment field below.

  • loretta goclowski

    “S’Up Bro?” “Hows it Hanging?” “It’s All Good” “Now That’s What I’m Talkin”Bout!” “What It Is Man!”

  • Miss Ann

    “So, you have a long life line, and wow, your love line says . .”

  • Marie A

    “No, I will not kiss your boo boo, and that’s final!”

  • Laura Lord Belle

    I’m a size 13 narrow, I swear I am!!

  • tara lienlokken

    He’s got the whole world in His Hands

  • Rohith Harisha

    “No Obstacles down the Road”

  • Richard Johnson

    I confess I have be leaving the Bigfoot footprints. It is gorilla humor and humans thing they are the smartest.


    This is nothing to take litely, so far images of gorillas being masacred is an act of abominaiton. There is a place where they consider Gorillas as the other HUMANS. And they are respected as such. Yes the other Poeple. People who under Gods kingdom are intitled to there rights to exist and thrive. The other people are apes with all there splendor and Glory!! LONG LIVE THE APES AND YOU AND I!!

  • ob

    “loose, footloose kick off your sunday shoes”

  • Mary Gawlas

    …a foot above the rest.

  • katherine

    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

  • Adorah Woods

    “Let me just give my foot a little tan. Oh hey…. the tan made my foot crispy!”

  • Ian Jake

    sign……of faith!

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