The Gorilla King
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Among the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, Titus reigns as king. In the decades that followed his birth in 1974, Titus was orphaned and abandoned, survived poachers, and overcame the deadly challenges of his rivals. Researchers and conservationists recount his triumphant story as they share their memories and archival footage of Titus, from his days as a newborn to his rise to power as a silverback. Buy the DVD. This program premiered April 19, 2008.

  • yessie

    i hope all of nature animals can be all safe one day. more people should watch what there doing to ower world

  • John

    how about you get these videos working, kinda bs that none of them work.

  • jose

    I just love watching these full episode videos. I love the way that animals think and do stuff and how they care for the children. Thank you for opening my eyes and the world throug the internet.
    P.S. God Bless you.

  • Bill Christiansen

    These programs are remakable, they really do open your eyes to worlds most of us will never be able to go to on our own. The only sad part about it is that we can see what monsters some people can be. I will never be able to understand how anyone could kill such a magnificant being as the gorillas that were shown in this episode. Ican only pray that by making people aware of the unconscionable acts of the poachers in this program that people will take action. Write to their senators and congress represenatives, and ask them to do something of value with our tax dollars; stop funding wars and start funding something worth while. Let us spend our funds on helping endangered species around the world, as well as help fund the people in the areas where these species live (as long as these people help save these species instead of killing them regardless of their reason for killing them). This would be a much greater use of our tax dollars than what we’re spending them on now.

  • Enamul hoque

    This video has changed my viewpoint about jungle & the owner’s of jungle. The Gorillas are same like us. They are doing 100% to keep the world in natural normal mode. But we human have forgotten our past. I think , east,west,north,south all government will get together to protect all animal’s; in jungle, in water or on the air. We human spend a lot for war, fun, power; they dont. We must save all of them, not for them, it’s for us. Because, without them we are meaningless. May god bless them, whome are doing their part.

  • Ben

    This is an amazing video. For those having problems viewing videos on this site. Make sure you are able to play shockwave videos. If you cannot see them, you need to download the software for your system. They seem to be playing fine for the rest of us. ;)

  • darlingsapphire

    I have never been truly comfortable with humans, as I am with animals. Animals possess something that
    most humans lack, and this is what makes animals high up on the ladder. Just the fact that they eat to live,
    care for their young with the warmth and love and caring that one rarely sees in humans. When you look
    into an animals eyes, you need not look any further to see the sensibility, intelligence and wiseness that ’s missing in most humans’ eyes. The fact that most humans believe they were made from God, only shows
    their ignorance and stupidity, and the fact that they won’t release this stupid belief only gives way to more
    greed and selfishness and the inability to live proper with common sense, compassion, empathy, wisdom,
    reasoning, and morals. Only by understanding the philosophy of the animal mind can humans begin to live

  • buck


  • Rafael Corral

    Amazing footage, thank you very much PBS, for if it was not for you I will be more ignorant of the subject of matter. Very emotional video, I cannot wait to see more!

  • Noe Uemura

    Watched this amazing movie last night (The Gorilla King) and was so touched by the intelligence of these animals. I found myself in tears especially by the end of the movie and felt the need to purchase this dvd. It was so captivating as me, my husband and 3 young sons was so in tuned to Titus and his ability to lead, love, and let go. This is definitely one of my favorites and will be for awhile. BTW, I already ordered me a dvd. Its that interesting. From Hawai’i :-) Live Love & Aloha

  • Kodwosaw

    Im from west Africa we alwas think animales are bush meet if they will get a chance to see this program wich is my people it will change a whole lot of people mind thank you.

  • Bob

    great footage showing how kind & caring these animls R !!

  • Ralph

    Love every bit of it.How amasing are the people involved in caring ang and making this amazing programs.Ican stop waching them all.

  • Jason

    Thank you for the fantastic video. The relationship of the Gorilla and our ancestors evolution are astounding. We are but different branches of the same tree. Our people have expanded wrecklessly beyond natures capacity to support, as we allow further global destruction due directly to our overpopulation. Educating our societies to live in harmony with our eco-system should be #1. Corruption and destruction is the focus of far too many runnning on the money train.

  • Ken from Altus

    As Titus saw the inevitable end of his rein did he formulate the ending or did it just sort of happen? Did he lead the group up the mountain with the intent of splitting the group? I cant help but think he did. As he watched the majority of the troop leave back down the mountain I saw in his face an awareness of his plight. He was aged and had little to back him up. A very uncertain future. Titus and Kuryama had worked together which had made them strong. Now Titus was aged and on his own.

    Our view of animals as not posessing intelligence is only evidence of or own lack of awareness. When we view an animal as unintelligent we are showing a complete lack of knowlege of how difficult it is to compete for limited resources in the wild.

  • Sasquach

    This was a great program. it makes me want to be a gorilla

  • Nyota W.

    As of May 2012, there’s a new danger threatening the mountain gorillas and the beautiful park shown in this video. The government of the Congo has decided to allow oil exploration in the Virunga national park. This will bring pollution and destroy the environment.

    Please learn more on the topic and take action. Here’s one website where you can find news related to the oil exploration of the Virunga park:

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