Voyage of the Lonely Turtle
Video: Spinner Dolphins

Dolphins are the most intelligent predators in the ocean. Spinners congregate in superpods of hundreds, coordinating a hunt – and spinning! Scientists do not know for certain why they spin.

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  • samantha

    this video is awesome!!!!!those dolphins are amazing

  • mary

    haha thats awsome
    i love it

  • jack


  • Julie

    Nature makes me want to cry sometimes. For joy.

  • Rose

    Since I was a little kid I am in love with dolphins. My close encounter with one with them was in Cuba where I was able to swim with them, play, hug and kiss:) Even in captivity they are happy to be in contact with us, humans well known for centuries. I just love them and admire them:)

  • Yaw

    i never seen in my life. Pbs Nature are the best discover. I like animals
    Dolphins spin look fun

  • Yaw

    I can’t wait to they release this Voyage of the Lonely Turtle video.

  • Rick Thomas

    When will be able to watch these vids/shows on an iPad?

    Thanks rick

  • bill

    Do a barrel roll!

  • may

    sooo cute!I LOVE THE SPINNING!!

  • Jess

    eversince i can remeber dolphins have been my favourite animal and i have never been up close to one but i always have wanted to be………..i have never heard of these dolphins before but they are amazing creatures

  • Nala

    This is great!

  • Spinner

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  • Bren

    Thank you Dolphins. People should be that happy.

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