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The Dirt: This Week in Nature (September 15-21)

Species of monkey previously unknown to scientists discovered in the Congo, 390 million-year-old mollusk reconstructed in 3-D, and spongy tissue found in human hearts also found in those of reptiles.

Sep 21st, 2012 | Comments

The Dirt: This Week in Nature (September 8-14)

Ants have most discerning sense of smell of any insect; the military looks to albatross for aircraft design; and sea otters fight climate change by snacking on sea urchin.

Sep 14th, 2012 | Comments

The Dirt: This Week in Nature (6/16-6/22)

This week's dirt: new study suggests a warmer, greener Antarctica 20 million years ago, gorilla populations start to rebound after 2004 ebola outbreak, sponge DNA may give us new insight into our central nervous system, new research shows that goat moms know their kids' voices, and more.

Jun 23rd, 2012 | Comments

The Cheetah Orphans: Introduction

(Airs Sunday, June 27) After a lion kills cheetah cubs Toki and Sambu's mother, veteran wildlife filmmaker Simon King assumes the parenting responsibilities for the orphaned cats.

Jul 2nd, 2011 | Comments

The Cheetah Orphans: Game: Toki’s Survival Challenge

In order to stay alive in the Kenyan bush, Toki must be able to hunt by himself and avoid danger. Can you help him?

Jun 25th, 2010 | Comments

The Cheetah Orphans: Interactive: Anatomy of a Cheetah

Learn how the anatomy of a cheetah makes it the fastest land animal in this interactive feature.

Jun 24th, 2010 | Comments

The Cheetah Orphans: Interview with Filmmaker Simon King

NATURE goes behind the scenes of The Cheetah Orphans in an interview with filmmaker Simon King.

Jun 23rd, 2010 | Comments

The Cheetah Orphans: Video: Rabid Cheetah Attack

A wild cheetah rushes filmmaker Simon King.

Jun 22nd, 2010 | Comments
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