Touching the Wild

Photos: Living Among The Mule Deer

Touching the Wild on NATURE takes place in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming near the ranch belonging to writer, artist and naturalist Joe Hutto (“My Life as a Turkey”). These images, courtesy of Hutto’s book ‘Touching The Wild: Living with the Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch,” tell the seven-year story of Hutto’s introduction into the wild mule deer herd, his unprecedented access into the minds and social practices of these highly-intelligent animals – and ultimately heart-felt, familial connections with the deer as individuals.

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Living Among The Mule Deer, Babe and Joe
Babe-and-JoeJoe Hutto with Babe the buck in the snow - Riverton area, Wyoming. Photo Credit: ©THIRTEEN Productions LLC
A014_C006_0910DLBlossom the deer is pregnant in this photo. The comfort level reached by many wild mule deer with a human in Hutto's case is truly extraordinary. Photo: Dawson Dunning / ©THIRTEEN Productions LLC
A032_C005_0913DGHutto with an orphaned deer Molly. Hutto's involvement with the wild mule deer herd began with a chance encounter with a young buck that took an interest in him and somehow understood he was not a threat. Photo: Dawson Dunning / ©THIRTEEN Productions LLC
A006_C006_1003MRHutto with Blossom and Dolly
A001_C008_100222There were numerous displays from the wild mule deer toward Hutto that suggested a they viewed the human not merely as harmless, but as a member of their families. Photo: ©THIRTEEN Productions LLC
thumbnail-1Hutto was able to observe many behaviors of the wild mule deer previously unknown to humans.
thumbnail-2Hutto with Peep, who seemed more than happy to receive a scratching treatment from this human
thumbnail-3Possum (9)-Will visiting with Joe
thumbnail-4Blossom's fawn Rosebud (with a friend)
thumbnail-5Hutto with Possum
thumbnail-6Hutto with young deer, Rag Tag
thumbnail-7The herd heads out