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July 31st, 2007
Dishing Democracy
Full Episode

Sorry, this video is not available.

  • Alexandria


    I am a student in Middle Eastern Studies and I am trying access the episode Dishing Democracy for my research. I have watched it before when the entire episode was available, but now there is a message saying “Sorry, this video is not available”. I am very disappointed. Where has it gone? Where can I get a copy?

    Thank you.

  • feltzr

    Thank you for your comment. The full episode is available online, but we only have rights to broadcast the program online within the United States. Some of our programs are available for purchase here:

  • Cheyene

    Hi, I live in the U.S. and it isn’t working for me either.

  • thompsonc

    It’s streaming correctly for us. It’s possible you need to update your browser.

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