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What the World’s Been Looking For

Today, Google released Zeitgeist 2008 which compiles various categories of search queries from their popular search engine to create a snapshot of what the world's been looking for this year.

Dec 10th, 2008 | Comments

Economic Crisis in a Globalized World

A round-up of how nations around the globe are dealing with the economic downturn: bailouts, I.M.F. loans, and schadenfreude.

Nov 21st, 2008 | Comments

Obama and the World

What does Obama's foreign policy mean for the rest of the world?

Nov 5th, 2008 | Comments

Red Lines and Deadlines: Press Freedom Around the World

The main lesson to be drawn from the 2008 RSF report is that, “It is not economic prosperity but peace that guarantees press freedom."

Oct 27th, 2008 | Comments

Gold Futures: Map

While production in these countries has been declining over the last three decades--due to ageing mines and rising production costs--an influx of foreign investment has fueled a twentieth century gold rush in the developing world.

Aug 22nd, 2007 | Comments

South Africa: Gangs of the Cape Flats

Jul 11th, 2006 | Comments

Border Jumpers: Timeline: Southern Africa

Learn more about the historical facts of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africans.

Jul 26th, 2005 | Comments

Road to Riches: Photo Essay: Country of Contrasts

Explore South Africa's changes and challenges.

Aug 28th, 2003 | Comments

Road to Riches: Resources

Learn more about South Africa from these additional web resources.

Aug 28th, 2003 | Comments

Road to Riches: Interview: Susan Rice

Susan Rice discusses black economic empowerment with with host Mishal Husain.

Aug 28th, 2003 | Comments

Road to Riches: Introduction

(August 28, 2003) The film reveals the stark contrasts among the lives of South Africans almost ten years after the demise of apartheid. The clock is still clearly ticking to do even more to improve life for the black majority -- or face the consequences.

Aug 28th, 2003 | Comments

Watch Video

Road to Riches: Video: Full Episode

The film reveals the stark contrasts among the lives of South Africans almost 10 years after the demise of apartheid. The documentary focuses on Uthingo, the consortium of black-empowerment companies that manages the national lottery.

Aug 28th, 2003 | Comments

Road to Riches: South Africa: Superpower on the Horizon?

From cell phones and banks to fast food chains and grocery stores, if a new business opens in an African town, it's most likely South African.

Aug 28th, 2003 | Comments

Growing Up Global: Kid Cards

Over the past half century, most population growth has occurred in the developing world. In high-birth rate countries such as Kenya, the population not only grows, it grows younger. Forty-three percent of Kenya’s population is under 14, compared to 21 percent for the United States.

Aug 29th, 2002 | Comments
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