Moments in Time
Miriam Nathan-Roberts
Marie Webster
Emporia Phenomenon
Ruth Lanning Lundgren
Albert Small
Grace Snyder
Bertha Stenge
Jinny Byer
Elly Sienkiewicz
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Quilts as Canvas
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America in Cloth
Moments in Time

Throughout the 20th century, American quilts have served to express both a time and a vision. From the organic simplicity of the quilts of Marie Webster to the contemporary stylings of Miriam Nathan-Roberts, quilts reflect their makers as well as the times in which they were made. By seeing quilts as records of history and documents of experience, we can see how Americans have used this craft to preserve and honor a heritage. From the beginning of the century and the quilts of Rose Kretsinger through today’s "quilting queens", Jinny Beyer and Elly Sienkiewicz, American quiltmakers have created a legacy in cloth, a living tradition that continues to flourish.

Featured Quilter
Ruby Lanning Lundgren

Ruby M. Lanning Lundgren
"The Fairy"

In 1936, Ruby Lanning Lundgren made a quilt for each of her three children. Ruby's daughter, Elaine, describes the "The Fairy" as a work of love.

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