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Miriam Nathan-Roberts
Quote: it was falling in love with traditional quilts. And then taking it to express our time and our vision."Changing Planes"
© 1992, Mariam Nathan-Roberts. 72" x 72"

Miriam grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and currently resides in Berkeley, CA.

Miriam Nathan-Roberts"I have no depth perception because I have one near sighted eye and one far sighted eye. So most of my quilts deal with illusions of depth. Because that’s what keeps me from walking into things.

"I often see shapes in relationship to each other differently than other people. And see them as design. So I think that really is turning lemons in lemonade. I don’t view myself as a corny person in any way, but when I’m making quilts, I feel a connection to women through history. And I’m part of a line."

Quilt:  Changing Planes
"Changing Planes" is one of Miriam's many explorations into the illusion of depth.


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