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Experienced midwives discuss how the plotlines and drama of Call the Midwife intersect with modern day Midwifery.
Times May Change, but the Spirit Remains the Same
Times May Change, but the Spirit Remains the Same
by Andrea Altomaro | April 02, 2013
The first episode of Season 2 started off with some pretty heavy issues. While I know that midwifery, especially working in a low-resource area, can be emotionally and physically difficult, I was s...
Call the Midwife Season 2: Still Hitting the Mark
Call the Midwife Season 2: Still Hitting the Mark
by Tish Roeske | April 01, 2013
I have been anticipating Season 2 of Call the Midwife. Would it be as good as Season 1? Would it still be a wonderful look back at childbirth and the way it touches families and communities? Would ...
Modern Miracles
by Tish Roeske | November 06, 2012
In Episode 6 of Call the Midwife, Chummy delivers not twins, but triplets by candlelight and a bike headlamp without running water or enough blankets to wrap up the babies.
RSVP and Acceptance
by Tish Roeske | October 29, 2012
When a midwife accepts an invitation there should be a special place to mark “cannot attend,” “attend” (not on call) or “maybe attend” (on call). Chummy misses her date to meet Peter’s mother to be...
Love Is Both Pain and Joy
by Tish Roeske | October 22, 2012
“Love is both pain and joy,” could have been the tag line of Episode 4 of Call the Midwife. The young midwives Jenny and Cynthia observe the dynamic nature of love and childbirth. The pain of the c...
Community and Home
by Tish Roeske | October 16, 2012
Community and home came across to me as themes of Episode 3 of Call the Midwife. Jenny learns that what she defines as a comfortable home is different than what many of her clients consider home.
Sacred Birth
by Andrea Altomaro | October 10, 2012
I believe that every single birth is sacred in its own way, and the second episode of Call the Midwife really drove that point home. So often, it’s not exactly how the events happen, but it’s the l...
You Make Them Feel Safe
by Tish Roeske | October 08, 2012
Call the Midwife delivered what we in the business call “pearls of wisdom” yet again. This week the line “you make them feel safe” resonates with me.
Modern Day U.S. Midwifery Education
by Modern Day Midwives Editor | October 08, 2012
While viewers are given few details of Jenny Lee's midwifery education, it is clear that there are many differences between the 1950’s U.K. midwifery education and today’s U.S. Certified Nurse-Midw...