The Producer's Journal

In 1989, "The Living Edens: Manu" producer Kim MacQuarrie kept a journal while living with and researching a remote Yura (Yaminahua - Yabaishta) Indian community that lived within Manu National Park. For at least 60 years before MacQuarrie's visit, this warlike Yura tribe had kept outsiders from entering the northern boundary of Manu (in southeastern Peru).

For 12 days starting on November 12, you can return with Kim to 1989 and to Manu, and live his incredible exploration.

Bookmark this page, and we'll see you then.

Educated in France, the United States, and Peru, Kim MacQuarrie is an Emmy-winning writer/director/producer who has lived for more than four years in Peru. Part of that time was spent living with the Yura (Yaminahua) Indians, a small group of recently-contacted Amazonian natives now living just outside of Manu National Park. MacQuarrie is the author of Peru's Amazonian Eden: Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve, and has made two previous films on Manu: "Spirits of the Rainforest" and "The Spirit Hunters." For further information on Mr. MacQuarrie's films, send e-mail to:
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