The Living Edens "Manu" Television Credits:

Kim MacQuarrie,
Producer, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer

Alex Gregory,
Executive Producer, Writer

Dennis B. Kane,
Executive Producer

Ann Kim,
Supervising Producer

Drew Hunt,
Producer, Editor, Cinematographer

Neal Williams,

Edward James Olmos,

Laura Karpman,

Jim Clare,

Shane Moore,

Jeff Goodman,

Ken Middleham,
Additional Cinematography

Robert Fulton,
Aerial Cinematography

Mary Helsaple,
Location Sound, Associate Producer

Doug Ritter,
Location Sound

Jeffrey A. Grabouski,
Associate Producer, Production Manager

Nicole Policicchio,
Production Coordinator

Jeff Rice,
Production Coordinator

Oriana Zill,
Production Coordinator

Eran Hayden,
Assistant Editor

Beth Gallagher,
Post Production Supervisor

Pam Adams,
Post Production Coordinator

William F. Swift,
Post Production Coordinator

Stan Kellam,
Henry Editor

Paul Bronkar,

Mark Linden,
Re-recording Mixers

Alan Decker,
Re-recording Mixers

Clifford Hoelscher,
Sound Design

Nancy Severinsen,
Music Supervisor

Daniel Blanco,
Scientific Consultant

Dr. Charles Munn,
Scientific Consultant

Tom Simon,
Vice President and Executive Producer for Reader's Digest World

For SuperFlow Corporation:

Neal Williams,
Executive Producer

For ABC/Kane Productions:

William Larkin,
Production Supervisor

Roy L. Ennis,
Production Controller

Tom Caliandro,

Meg Daly Olmert,

The Living Edens is production of ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc. in association with Trebitsch Produktion International GMBH and PBS.

The Living Edens is a Reader's Digest World presentation. Additional funding is provided by Holland America Line.

The Living Edens "Manu" on the Web:


  • Kristen O'Malley, Associate Producer
  • David Neiman, Editor
  • Connie Chiueh, Intern

    Ann Kim,
    Supervising Producer, ABC/Kane Productions International, Inc.

    Kim MacQuarrie,
    Filmmaker, Anthropologist, and Biologist

    Glenn Shepard Jr.,
    Medical Anthropologist and Ethnobotanist

    Charles Munn,
    Senior Conservation Zoologist, Wildlife Conservation Society

    Dwight Sieggreen,
    Science Teacher, Cooke Middle School, Northville, Michigan

    The New Media Group,
    Web Design and Development,


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