The Wildlife Conservation Society
Created in 1895, the Wildlife Conservation Society is one of the oldest and most effective international wildlife conservation organizations in the world.

World Wildlife Fund
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has generously funded guard posts, guard training, outboard motors, patrol canoes, and cars within the park, and more recently, efforts at environmental education and alleviation of rural poverty in small communities near the park's inhabited southeastern and southern extremes. WWF's funding has been essential in making Manu one of the few seriously protected parks in tropical South America.

The Center for Environmental Research and Conservation
The Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC), a consortium of five education and research institutions, was created in response to critical environmental concerns facing the Earth.

UNESCO MAN and the Biosphere (MAB)
The Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme is an interdisciplinary research program that promotes world conservation. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) established MAB in 1974, and as of March 1995, the biosphere reserve network includes 324 reserves in 82 countries.

InkaNatura Association Affiliates: InkaNatura/Selva Sur and Inka Natura Travel
This association directly involves local families and communities in conservation through their participation in wildlife research and eco-lodge ownership. Learn more about InkaNatura's affiliates, the Selva Sur and InkaNatura Travel.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre/Natural World Heritage Properties
Find out what places around the world, including Manu, are considered world heritage sites at the World Conservation Monitoring Center's (WCMC) Web site.

Science in the Rain Forest Electronic Field Trip
Explore the tropical rain forest at your own pace! Join PBS's Electronic Field Trip to learn more about rain forest plants and animals.

The Exploratorium's "What's New in the World" Feb. '97
Travel with Jim Spadaccini into the Amazon rain forest at the San Francisco Exploratorium's Web site.

Table of Contents of Funny Farm Exotics Web
Curious about the brightly-plumed macaw? Then check out the Funny Farm Exotics Web site. Read research on these endangered parrots and learn about conservation efforts promoted by the International Aviculturalist Society and World Parrot Trust.

Rain Forest Action Network
Check out the Rain Forest Action Network's Web site and learn about their works to protect the Earth's rain forests.

Rainforest Alliance
An international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to tropical forest conservation. Visit their Web site and take an interactive jungle journey, and learn about their conservation programs.

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