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Premiered May & June, 2020, on PBS.

"I feel like now, in this time of global pandemic, it could never be a more important time to come together, value our family memories, and share food as a way of nourishing our souls.” ~ Lidia Bastianich

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  • EPISODE 1: BACK TO BASICSEPISODE 1: BACK TO BASICS Lidia shares the stories behind the great pantry inspired recipes that her family has been eating for years – in both good times, and challenging ones.
  • EPISODE 2: CRAVING FRESHEPISODE 2: CRAVING FRESH In this special, Lidia shows you how to mix and balance seasonal flavors from your own garden, in order to create new recipes based on what’s available.

Eating in with Lidia, rises to the challenge presented by the fact that most of us are, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, sheltered in place and using what we have available in our kitchens. In these two half-hour specials, Lidia shares stories, tips, recipes and strategies on how to approach food and meal preparation during these stressful times.

Each of the two half-hour specials will feature a combination of original interviews with Lidia, in which she shares childhood memories and how they relate to today’s challenges, together with beautiful footage from the places, moments, and recipes from her younger years.

A true family affair, Eating In with Lidia is filmed by Lidia's grandson, Lorenzo, and Lidia’s beloved 99 year old mother makes a cameo appearance as they share some intimate family stories along with a few very touching songs.


“While we certainly struggled during various times in my life, I still have incredibly meaningful memories of all of us huddled in the kitchen around the table enjoying delicious dishes made from very simple ingredients, the same kinds of ingredients that you probably have in your pantry right now,” ~ Lidia Bastianich


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