Lawrence of Arabia
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Emerging Middle East
Post-war Settlement - After the War
Map: Post-WW1 Middle East

In 1918, with Damascus secure in Arab and Allied hands, Lawrence returned to London. The battle for Arab freedom moved from the desert to the meeting rooms of Europe.

Lawrence was determined that the Arab voice should be heard at the bargaining table at any cost. In October, he sat before the diplomats and military commanders of the British government's Eastern Committee. In November, he publicly refused his medals at an audience with King George V, and then wrote a string of stinging articles in The Times newspaper.

He alienated many by suggesting Feisal should rule over Syria and his brothers control Mesopotamia. Some were sympathetic to Lawrence's cause, but the British and French governments had their own plans...


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  Winston Churchhill  
  It was only when Lawrence refused his medals that figures such as Winston Churchill sat up and took notice.


Lawrence of Arabia