Lawrence of Arabia
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Emerging Middle East
Palestine and Jerusalem two-pronged attack

Map: Palestine and Jerusalem

Lawrence rode at once by camel to Cairo and delivered the news of Aqaba's capture.

General Allenby was a little confused when presented with Lawrence, a maverick British officer dressed in the tattered robes of an Arab, telling of an incredible victory.

But the news was welcomed. The port of Aqaba provided a vital supply depot for the concerted military push north towards Jerusalem and Damascus. The British formed the main bulk of the attack, driving along the coast of Palestine, but Lawrence was given a free hand to make up the right flank.

Feisal's northern army played a crucial diversionary role harassing Turkish supply lines and spreading their defense.


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  General Allenby  
  Lawrence wrote of his meeting with Allenby, "He was hardly prepared for anything so odd as myself - a little bare-footed silk-skirted man offering to hobble the enemy by his preaching if given stores and arms and a fund of two hundred thousand sovereigns to convince and control his converts."


Lawrence of Arabia