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Theater and Politics
January 2, 2009

John Lithgow is appearing now in a timely revival of Arthur Miller's classic play, ALL MY SONS. Although written 61 years ago, it seems to have jumped off the pages of today's newspapers. Lithgow plays Joe Keller — a loving family man with a terrible secret. During the second world war, he cravenly cut corners for profit at his manufacturing plant, shipping damaged parts to the military and causing the deaths of 21 pilots. He lets his partner take the rap and go to jail and keeps it secret from the family. The truth is revealed in the play's climactic confrontation between the father and the son who worshipped him.

Discover more about Arthur Miller, and the long history of theater and politics in our photo essay and from the links below.

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Published on January 2, 2009.

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References and Reading:
Arthur Miller
AMERICAN MASTERS: Arthur Miller, None Without Sin
The PBS series explores Miller's work.

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Arthur Miller reflects on the politics and theater of the 1950s for THE NEW YORKER in 1996.

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