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Metamorphoses Myth
Some of the myths that playwright Mary Zimmerman has adapted to the stage in METAMORPHOSES will be very familiar — others not. They all have lessons important enough to last thousands of years. Test your knowledge.

Who learned a lesson about the relative value of worldly goods and human life?




Ceyx and Alcyon are a couple fabled for their:
Marital devotion

Incredible beauty

Ability to predict the future

What was the unhappy fate of Erysichthon when he foolishly mocked the power of the gods?
He was forced to roll a stone uphill for eternity.

Delicious food was hung forever just out of his reach.

He was chained to a stone for birds to pick at his innards.

Hunger was sent to stalk him — he sold his own mother for food.

How did Orpheus learn to never look back?
He was turned into stone.

He lost his wife back to the underworld.

He was forced to repeat his own painful demise over and over again.

The tale of Myrra and Cinyras represents a theme in the myths of many cultures. What is it?
The Heroic Quest

The Incest Taboo

A Creation Story

Phaeton's arrogance led to the destructions of himself and others. Just what did he do?
He used man-made wings and flew too close to the sun.

He dared to profess love for an immortal.

He drove his father, the god Apollo's, chariot, the Sun, into the earth and set it afire.

Psyche would have been happier if she heeded what famous cliché?
Love is blind.

All is fair in love and war.

Better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all.

Baucis and Philemon earned eternal togetherness with what deed?
They gave the gods their beautiful daughters.

They were generous to gods who were disguised as mortals.

Whose name has become a byword for self-absorption?




Sources: METAMORPHOSES by Ovid; Edith Hamilton's MYTHOLOGY; Mary Zimmerman's adaptation of METAMORPHOSES

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