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Around the Nation

Here are four arts and culture videos from public broadcasting partners around the nation.

PBS’ “Off Book” series looks at the evolution of 8-bit art: “Beginning with early Atari and Nintendo video games, the 8-bit aesthetic has been a part of our culture for over 30 years. As it moved through the generations, 8-bit earned its independence from its video game roots. No longer just nostalgia art, contemporary 8-bit artists and chiptunes musicians have elevated the form to new levels of creativity and cultural reflection.” (Art Beat looked at video games as art, as well, earlier this year.)

Watch Off Book: The Evolution of 8-bit Art on PBS. See more from Off Book.

Austin Deco takes KLRU’s “Arts In Context” on a tour of some of the city’s most iconic Art Deco buildings.

Program: THIRTEEN Specials’ “Treasures of New York” celebrates 125 years of Pratt Institute, located in the heart of Brooklyn and recognized worldwide as an influential institution of art and design:

Watch Treasures of New York: Pratt Institute on PBS. See more from THIRTEEN Specials.

PBS’ Idea Channel wants to know: “Is Twitter the Newest Form of Literature?”

Watch Idea Channel: Is Twitter the Newest Form of Literature? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.

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