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Around the Nation

Here are four arts and culture videos from public broadcasting partners around the nation.

“Off Book” looks at indie video games:

“The video game industry is now bigger than Hollywood, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent developing these interactive experiences. But there are also small-scale developers working in the indie game realm, creating unique and experimental video games. Much like indie music or indie film, the indie gaming movement provides a creative outlet for game designers outside of the mainstream.”

Watch The Creativity of Indie Video Games on PBS. See more from Off Book.

“Idea Channel” asks, “Is Doctor Who a Religion?”

Dr. Who is one of the longest running TV shows on the BBC, and it’s got a huge fandom surrounding it, called Whovians. And while it might not seem like, Whovianism, might just be religion! Whovians, like other passionate fan cultures, create art & fan fiction and engage in a strong remix culture. But with its strong philosophical and cosmological elements, is it more than that?”

Watch Is Doctor Who a Religion? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.


“Austin City Limits” takes us behind the scenes with Radiohead as it records “Lotus Flower”:

Watch Behind the Scenes: Radiohead on PBS. See more from Austin City Limits.


WHYY’s “Friday Arts” looks at the Princeton Atelier, which is Nobel laureate and Princeton professor Toni Morrison‘s new seminar program.:
“Working with musicians and composers, [Morrison] realized that her work as a novelist was deeply impacted by seeing and hearing how other artists worked and the languages of their art forms. This conviction, along with a strong commitment to nurturing the creative talents of professional artists and her students, led Professor Morrison to create the Princeton Atelier.”

Watch Friday Arts for October 2012 on PBS. See more from Friday Arts.

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