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Around the World in ‘100 Objects’

Monday on the NewsHour:

A two-million-year-old stone chopping tool from Tanzania.

A double-headed serpent from around the 16th century in Mexico.

A credit card issued in the United Arab Emirates in 2009.

These are just three of the objects in the new book, “A History of the World in 100 Objects,” that help us understand our past and who we are today.

The author of the book, which began life as a BBC radio series, is Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, which is home to the 100 objects and has been collecting artifacts for more than 250 years.

Here’s Jeffrey Brown’s conversation with Neil MacGregor from Monday’s NewsHour:

Here’s a slideshow of 10 of the objects:

And in this extended interview, Jeffrey Brown and Neil MacGregor discuss the double-headed serpent and what it’s like to run a museum:

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