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Conversation: More Reflections on Writing from Roger Rosenblatt

In January, longtime NewsHour essayist Roger Rosenblatt returned to our studio to talk about his new book on a subject that many of our viewers and readers hold dear.

Unless It Moves The Human Heart: The Craft and Art of Writing traces a year in Roger’s writing classroom and offers ideas and lessons from his personal experience about how and why we write — and how to make what we write better.

We called for you to send us your questions, and the response was incredible. Several hundred of you wrote in with questions. Instead of trying to answer them individually, Roger composed an open letter that responded to many of the reoccurring themes we found in your emails and comments. You can read it here.

Occasionally we still get emails from you for Roger, and so we decided to invite him back to our newsroom and continue, in person, our conversation about the craft of writing.
[A full transcript will be posted shortly]

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