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Monday’s Art Notes


A woman looks at the work ‘Reibekuchenwand’ (‘Potato Fritter Wall’) created in 2002 by artist Judith Samen at the Kunstmuseum in Stuttgart, southern Germany. From September 18, 2010 to January 9, 2011, the museum presents the show ‘Eat Art: From Food in the Arts’. Photo by Bernd Weissbrod/ AFP/ Getty Images


YouTube has released the shortlist of videos being considered for the Guggenheim’s “creative video” biennial. The top 20, chosen by Darren Aronofsky and Takashi Murakami, will be presented at the museum on October 21.


Stevie Wonder testified before a United Nations intellectual property organization to advocate for new copyright policy that would better serve seeing-impaired people, a particular concern as book publishing shifts more to digital formats, via the Associated Press.


The FBI advised a Seattle cartoonist who called for an “Everybody draw Muhammad Day” to change her identity in order to protect herself from threats, via ARTINFO.


The New York Times tells the story of what may be the longest piece of graffiti in the world — an 8 mile squiggly orange line that runs through the streets of New York.

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