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The Pain in Spain Falls Plainly from Merle’s Brain

The first of this week’s series of posts from the ever-melodic, ever-economic Merle Hazard debuts today: a ditty on the plight of Spain.

Making Sense

And stay tuned- [we’ll be posting songs from Merle all week](http://www.pbs.org/newshour/businessdesk/2011/01/merle-hazard-makes-sene-the-co.html). Meanwhile, he and I invite you and your inner balladeer to join in and enter a Making Sen$e contest. Got a lyric or two about European debt woes? Portugal’s? Belgium’s? Lichtenstein’s? Post them (or a link to a video of you singing them) in the comments below. And here’s the best part: Merle will record the winning lyrics, and we’ll post his rendition of your work here. You can even copy it for your home answering machine!

(Watch a full-size version of Merle here).

Here’s an example, also about Spain, to get your creative song-writing started:

When we…kill a bull

We cut off the ears and the tail

Killing bulls…is a sport

For a bull is not too big to fail

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