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Tuesday’s Art Notes


People parade in costumes as they celebrate the Night of the Ghosts carnival in the remote mountainous town of Amfissa in central Greece. Celebrations are in full swing as townspeople, dressed as fairies, tanners and ghosts, pay homage to a decades-old tragic love story. Photo by Louisa Gouliamaki/ AFP/ Getty Images


For the first time in its (not continuous) 400 year history, the Globe Theater will stage a play written by a woman, writer Nell Leyshon, in September.


A drama company in South Africa is also breaking old boundaries. A new theater named after the prolific South African playwright Athol Fugard will be the home of an all-black troupe in a district which had been forcibly segregated in the 1960s.


On Tuesday, the Guardian took stock of the art lost in the earthquake that hit Haiti last month. Today, it has a story on the architectural challenge of rebuilding after the disaster, and why design aesthetics, even in the most dire conditions, should matter.

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