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Politics May 30

House Republicans back state medical marijuana laws

The GOP-controlled House voted early Friday in favor of blocking the federal government from interfering with states that permit the use of medical marijuana. The somewhat surprising 219-189 vote came as the House debated a bill funding the Justice Department's…

Politics May 06

House GOP proposes cuts to highway grants

WASHINGTON — Republicans controlling the House unveiled legislation on Tuesday that proposes a huge cut to a transportation grant program championed by President Barack Obama that funds road and bridge projects, light rail networks, port construction and bike paths.

Health Apr 14

Affordable Care Act will cost less than expected, CBO reports

WASHINGTON — A new government report says the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance subsidies will cost a little less than previously thought. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that health insurance subsidies under so-called “Obamacare” will total a little more than…

Politics Feb 12

Senate passes debt limit bill for Obama

Must-pass legislation to allow the government to borrow money to pay its bills has cleared Congress for President Barack Obama's signature. The Senate approved the measure by a near party-line 55-43 vote. All of the "aye" votes came from Obama's…

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