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Science Aug 26

An Updated Oil Widget

This widget is the latest version of what has long been the PBS NewsHour's SpillCam. For much of the time the Macando well was gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, we streamed live video to millions of viewers…

Science Jul 16

The Oil Cap Is Holding — Now What?

For now, at least, there is no oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. That could last until Saturday, if BP carries out its well integrity test for a full 48 hours. Engineers are checking pressure inside the well…

Science Jul 15

BP Holding Back Oil, for Now; Ticker Stands Still

News agencies report: Kent Wells, a BP PLC vice president, said at a news briefing that oil stopped flowing into the water at 2:25 p.m. CDT after engineers gradually dialed down the amount of crude escaping through the last…

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