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John Komlos is a professor emeritus of economics and of economic history at the University of Munich, and the author of the new textbook, “What Every Economics Student Needs to Know and Doesn't Get in the Usual Principles Text.” He’s also taught at Harvard, Duke and the University of Vienna.

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Economy Jun 25

Why trade deals hurt Americans

John Komlos argues that trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership will only exacerbate our deficit and further inequality in the United States. What we need, he argues, is not only fair trade, but balanced trade.

Nation Mar 17

Why you shouldn’t expect wages to rise any time soon

For months, the thorn in the side of otherwise sunny jobs reports has been sluggish wage growth. As unemployment falls, wages are supposed to rise. Those expectations will likely play a role in the Fed's policy deliberations this week. But…

Nation Mar 05

America can be a full-employment economy once again

How close will February's unemployment rate come to "full employment"? Not close enough, argues economist John Komlos, who believes the right to life implies a right to a job. Komlos is the author of “What Every Economics Student Needs to…

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