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Joshua Barajas is the deputy online editor for the NewsHour. He can be reached at

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World May 05

Clashes in Ukraine leave 4 dead, 30 wounded

The Associated Press and other news outlets reported heavy gunfire and explosions around the eastern city of Slovyansk, where Kiev's army mounted its first major offensive Friday against armed pro-Russian insurgents.

Science May 02

Star cluster flung from distant galaxy at 2 million mph

Astronomers have discovered a cluster of several thousand stars that was ejected out of a distant galaxy at a stellar speed of more than two million miles per hour. The group of “runaway stars,” named HVGC-1 for “hypervelocity globular cluster,”…

Nation Apr 18

Cities crack down on homeless living in vehicles

At least 70 cities in the nation have passed laws that ban people from living in their vehicles. In Palo Alto, Calif., people living in their cars face a fine as high as $1,000 or a six-month jail sentence. These…

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