Since childhood, Judy Heumann has faced ableism — institutionally, socially, and personally. New York’s public school system prevented her from enrolling, and she was often bullied or excluded by her own peers. After a lifetime of activism, she is finally seeing a shift in how people with disabilities are viewed and treated. She gives us her Brief But Spectacular on the disability rights movement.

Duration: 4:0

Ken Mascara has been the sheriff of St. Lucie County in Florida for the past 20 years. He has seen funding for mental health facilities plummet, and as a result, more and more mentally ill patients end up languishing behind bars. Now, he gives his Brief But Spectacular take on making county jails safer, and smarter.

Duration: 3:21

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, healthcare journalist Kate Pickert began conducting extensive research to become more informed about her own treatment. Her book "Radical: The Science, Culture, and History of Breast Cancer in America" chronicles her findings and personal story. Tonight, she offers her Brief But Spectacular perspective on overcoming breast cancer.

Duration: 3:46

More than 20 years ago, Kara Swisher decided to leave The Washington Post to cover the internet full time — a decision that made her one of the most respected and feared journalists holding the tech world accountable. She's now the host of The New York Times podcast "Sway" and the Vox podcast "Pivot." She offers us her Brief But Spectacular take on power and responsibility within tech.

Duration: 4:3