The Cat in the Hat

Name: Richard Howell

Question: I know I should have a proper question on the piece about technological stagnation, but really I would like to know where you got that great hat – the light colored one with the black band?

Name: Mike Valentine

Question: The real question is why is Paul Solman wearing a goofy Panama hat?

Paul Solman: Okay, America, make up your mind: “great” or “goofy”? Vote below.

As to the reason, Mike, my dermatologist will tell you it’s to prevent skin cancer to my otherwise indefensible pate; my associates, to avoid the need to powder my shining scalp; me, both of the above, plus the fervent hope that I look cool instead of dorky.

I got the hat through J. Peterman, Richard, but can’t find it in recent catalogues. Looking inside the sweatband, I see that the hat is made by Ultrafino, is marked “Authentic,” and can be purchased at, though when I visit the site, I can’t quite tell which one it is. I think it’s the Montecristo, though.

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