Patchwork Nation: In One Boom Town, ‘Simple Supper’ Offers Community Relief

On Monday nights at the Methodist church in Eagle, Colo., a group of volunteers gather to host a community dinner. When the gatherings began back in August, about 12 or 13 people would show up for the free meal. As the economic downturn has dragged on, though, the dinner has swelled to between 30 and 55 people.

“In some cases, people are coming because it helps them make their food budget,” says Jennifer Hill, a volunteer at the “simple supper.” In other cases, she says, people in this community hard-hit by turmoil in the construction sector “just come for the company and for the fellowship.”

Patchwork Nation attended a recent “simple supper” at Eagle’s Methodist church part of a reporting trip that explored the state ofthis “Boom Town” community.

Here are some of the stories we heard: