In Case You Missed It: Finding Work in a Down Market

On last night’s NewsHour, Paul Solman got some perspective on the difficult job market from two very distinct groups: former executives and former prison inmates.

What was striking when he met with the two groups of job seekers was just how similar their psychological struggle can be in this extraordinarily difficult market. Both groups spoke of the difficulty in staying positive in the face of constant rejection, and how they hope that successfully battling that discouragement will put them back on the path to employment.

When Paul was interviewing the group of ex-convicts in the job search program at Chicago’s Safer Foundation, one asked, perhaps jokingly, if we might post their resumes on the web. But we take all jokes seriously and thought this a particularly interesting idea. We, at least, were interested in their resumes and thought you might be too. We’ll post resumes from the group of former executives, plus extended interviews with them, tomorrow.

Resumes: Marcus Adams, Dimitrious Johnson, Philip Turner, and Cephas Wright.