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Making Sen$e of the Federal Reserve

Making Sen$e 3.0

Paul Solman: The newest edition of Making Sen$e, our site devoted to demystifying economics, is now up. As cutting-edge cyberspace cadets, we’re calling it “Making Sense 3.0,” but it really could be termed Making Sen$e of the Fed, as we’ve created and gathered together as many fun and informative resources as we could that make the Fed a lot easier to understand.

Anchored by last weekend’s NewsHour event with the Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke on the Record, the site features online-only interviews with such former Fed luminaries as Alan Blinder and Alice Rivlin and a host of materials for teachers: an interactive timeline, a you-be-the-Chairman game, lesson plans and Fed resources from around the country. Please also let us know of any effective tools you may have run across. Our goal is to facilitate and function as a helpful hub. Thanks.

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Support for Making Sen$e Provided By:

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