Episode Oct 08

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PBS NewsHour full episode October 8, 2015

Thursday on the NewsHour, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy drops out of the race for Speaker of the House. Also: Attorney General Loretta Lynch discusses law enforcement accountability and transparency, Ben Bernanke on who should have taken the fall for the…

Nation Mar 04

Why this is only the beginning of the fight over the Fed

Observers on both sides of the aisle agree that partisan bickering, especially over the Federal Reserve, is at an all-time high. Look for the debate over the Fed to play a key role in upcoming presidential nominating contests, says former…

Nation Nov 24

So you thought quantitative easing was over? Think again

The Federal Reserve ended its bond buying program, known as quantitative easing, at its latest policy meeting in October. But economist Terry Burnham isn't buying that. He sees a form of "stealth QE" continuing where the Fed buys even more…

Mar 19

At the end of the Fed's two-day policy meeting Wednesday, Janet Yellen holds her first press conference as chair. Former Fed governor Richard Syron examines Yellen's preparation for the job in light of her predecessors' tenures at the central bank.