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Million Dollar Question: How Can ‘Europe’ Bail Out ‘Europe’?

I’m OK, EuroK? Maybe not.

Making Sense

Here’s an Australian parody video of what you might call “EuroK thinking.” It’s making the rounds in Europe at the moment. (The link was sent by a friend in Spain.)

The punchline: If everyone in Europe owes everyone else in Europe money that can’t be repaid, how can “Europe” be in a position to bail “Europe” out?

A more memorable exchange from the video:

BRYAN DAWE: Why are people selling the European currency and buying the U.S. dollar?

JOHN CLARKE: Because the U.S. economy is so much stronger than the European economy.

BRYAN DAWE: Correct. Why is that Roger?

JOHN CLARKE: Because it’s owned by China.

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