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After a week of Congressional debates and presidential speeches, public opinion of corporate America appears badly shaken. Business correspondent Paul Solman gets perspective from three CEOs on their culpability in recent corporate and accounting scandals.

Ray Suarez looks at the sliding stock market with Lynn Stout, professor of securities regulation at the UCLA School of Law; Eric McKissack, vice chairman of Ariel Capital Management; and Frank Werner, associate professor of finance at the Fordham Business…

For reaction to President Bush's speech on corporate practices, Gwen Ifill talks with Joseph Grundfest, former commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission; Carolyn Woo, dean of the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame; and Damon…

In a move that may spell the end of a French media giant, Jean-Marie Messier, the architect who built the utility company Vivendi into a multimedia powerhouse, resigned as the head of the company Tuesday.

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