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As troubling economic data continues to be released, war fears appear to be further unsettling an already shaky economy. Ray Suarez discusses the state of the U.S. economy with two experts.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan today praised President Bush's tax cut plan and warned about growing budget deficits. Paul Solman assesses the impact of the proposal to end dividend taxation.

Tom Bearden reports on the changes to state and federal law that have allowed U.S. residents the option to change their local telephone service.

The U.S. economy generated new jobs in January at the fastest rate in more than two years, while the unemployment rate tumbled to a four-month low of 5.7 percent, the Labor Department said Friday.

President Bush submitted his $2.23 trillion budget plan to Congress, saying it will get the economy going again while taking care of social needs and protecting the U.S. from attack. Experts analyze the proposed budget plan.

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